IELTS Opinion Essay

You cannot know what type of essay you will have to write during IELTS test. However, you may practice enough to stop worrying about what exactly you will receive. To be that calm, you just need to memorize up to three outlines and learn to use them before the test. This article will help you take a first step in reaching this peace of mind. Read to find out how to create an appropriate opinion essay as a part of the IELTS writing block.

Planning Stage

As you get the task, you should begin to plan what you are about to write. The first stage of the planning process is analyzing the question. You are strongly advised to find and underline keywords as they reveal the expectations of an examiner. Second, set up your mind on the answer to the question, i.e., decide what your opinion is. Third, jot down the related ideas and examples that could help to support your position. Finally, organize the ideas as per the outline below.

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Model Outline

  1. I. Introduction:

a) A question is paraphrased.

b) Your position is clearly stated (I agree/disagree...).

  1. II. Body:

Here are supposed to be 2-3 body paragraphs. Each should have a topic sentence with the support of your position and an example to illustrate it.

  1. III. Conclusion:

a) Main ideas are summarized.

b) Your position is repeated/Recommendation is included.

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Sample Essay

Question: Technologies are currently extensively applied in classroom. There exists a popular belief that teachers will be eventually replaced with computers, tablets, and online courses. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this idea?

Technological advances quickly penetrate into all spheres of human life, and education in not an exception. As this trend grows, some people become convinced that teachers are about to be unnecessary in an academic setting. I strongly disagree with this belief.

One of the things that teachers can do as opposed to machines and technologies is discipline and motive students to gain knowledge. It is an extremely difficult task to start studying something new. Nevertheless, a teacher can not only explain why it is necessary to study a new subject but also make one deeply interested in it. Such abilities are especially valuable when children are concerned. Thus, teachers will never be replaced with machines, as they are the reason why people study at all.

Furthermore, along with parents and close relatives, teachers play an important role is helping youngsters to foster values and gain the skills of interpersonal communication. Educators frequently serve as an example to follow. Besides, they are capable of teaching how to interact with other people, which a computer can never do. Technologies may be very helpful in obtaining factual knowledge and developing critical thinking, but they are useless in terms of emotional intelligence.

In conclusion, I totally disagree that computers and other technologies will ever substitute teachers. The educators are the main source of motivation, discipline, and knowledge about people as well as societal values. They are indispensable for the functioning of the society. Therefore, a healthy balance between teacher-to-student communication and self-education via computers should be reached.

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