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How can one evaluate a person's knowledge and skills in a specific subject? One of the most popular ways to determine one's skills is through an achievement test, which is designed to evaluate one's level of knowledge, skills, and general accomplishment in a specific field of studying. If the term 'achievement test' still speaks of nothing to you, recall the standard exams you took while being a student. Remember? These are called achievement tests.

As a rule, students are expected to demonstrate their academic accomplishments and learning proficiency on a regular basis. For this reason, the scores gained during such achievement tests determine whether students can pass an exam and whether they are ready to move on to the next grade level.

Since the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act was passed, the role of achievement tests in the education system has become more significant and widely discussed. This legislative act focused on the standard system of education where the central role was devoted to measuring educational aims and outcomes. Despite the fact that in 2015 this legislation was replaced by Every Student Succeeds Act, achievement tests have remained a major element in evaluating educational accomplishments.

However, achievement tests play a crucial role not only during K-12 education and the years of college - they can also be used for skills assessment when a person is making attempts in a new sport. For example, if a person is mastering a specific athletic or martial arts skill or is learning to dance, achievement tests would be important when determining his/ her current level of certain abilities and the probable need for future training.

Types of Achievement Tests

Among the numerous examples of achievement tests are the following:

These achievement tests aim to evaluate your level of knowledge of a certain subject at a specific period of time. Achievement tests are designed to determine what you already know and what your level of skills is at the current moment.

Application of Achievement Tests

As a rule, achievement tests are used in training and educational surroundings. For example, they are often used in schools when determining the educational level students should prepare for. In particular, students may take achievement tests to find out whether they can continue studying on a certain grade level, if they are ready to pass an exam in a particular subject or if they can move to the next level.

Standardized versions of achievement tests are widely used for educational purposes in order to find out whether students have met the required academic goals. As each grade level has its own specific requirements and learning academic outcomes, such achievement tests help students determine whether they have obtained specific academic goals and learning standards.

How Are Achievement Tests Created?

To design proper achievement tests, subject matter experts should determine which learning standards have to be taken into account for each specific subject. These standards should comprise of the main topics of learning material that are a must for each student to know at a certain level. Therefore, having identified such topics and notions, test creators can come up with questions that will evaluate students' knowledge and skills in the most objective way.

What Is the Difference between Achievement Tests and Aptitude Tests?

Achievement tests differ from aptitude tests in such ways:

  1. Achievement tests are designed to evaluate what a student already knows in a specific area/ subject;
  2. An aptitude test determines a student's potential to succeed in a specific subject. For instance, one may take an aptitude test to get to know which types of careers are most suitable for him/ her.

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