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Careful planning is a core of any well-written speech presentation. The goal of the persuasive speech, taking into account the name of the paper, is to persuade people of something. Therefore, it needs to be concise and clear, contain facts and evidences, which support the position of the speaker. A good speech is not merely informative. It needs to engage the attention of the audience, make it interested and willing to follow the speaker's thought. It is critically important to consider the audience, which is going to listen to the speech. The peculiarities of the audience need to be taken into consideration for the speech to be successful and effective. A speaker cannot afford having a speech, which bores the audience or leaves it emotionless. A speech also needs to be carefully structured. A good speech is not just a number of facts, quotations and figures, thrown together and mixed to compose a text. The speech needs to start with an introductory part, which would provide the audience with the overview of the problem discussed. It needs to be supported with evidence and facts. Otherwise, the paper is unlikely to sound convincing. In some situations, speech writing even presupposes conducting research to support the position of the speaker. In the majority of cases, speeches are written before they are delivered.

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Speaking in public is a challenge for the majority of students. This is why prior to speaking, many learners usually write their speeches, get familiar with the text and only then deliver their speeches. However, composing the text of a speech is not an easy task either. Even experienced speakers oftentimes prefer having their speeches written by professional speech writers. They would give the speech writer the main concept of the speech, provide him/her with the most significant points, and the writer would compose a really good custom paper. It is important to understand that writing a speech and speaking in public are two different skills, and they should not be mixed up.

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