How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

In order to create a good cause and effect essay, one should be aware of such notions as cause and effect. A cause is the reason for something, while an effect is the consequences of the issue that have arisen because of the cause. You should keep in mind that there are different kinds of causes and effects.

Creating a List of Items

The first step in writing a paper of such type is making a list of causes and effects that are closely connected with your subject. Thus, it will be easier for you to concentrate on the chief points of your work. Then, you need to examine each of the listed items and discover whether there is a strong connection between each of them. In this case, you will understand what direction to move in while investigating the topic.

Produce a Clear Outline

This is what you need to do first before writing the paper. If you are not knowledgeable about the topic given by your professor, undertake some research. In case, you have chosen the topic on your own, you need to introduce the issue you are going to analyze in your essay.

In this way, you will identify the “cause.” The next step is to provide useful data about the cause, so that readers can properly understand the purpose of your work. Then, think how to structure your essay. Depending on the established structure, begin producing an outline.

After that, it is necessary to make the first claim which will be your first “effect.” One should explain why the “effect” has occurred by highlighting several causes. Remember to provide supporting arguments in the form of the bullet points under your first statement. Afterwards, make a transition to the next paragraph.

Write an Introduction

This section should impart the basic facts about the subject you are dealing with, explain its cause and highlight the importance of realizing its effects. It is necessary to remember that the main aim of the introductory paragraph is to specify exactly the key objective of your paper and the points you are going to explore. This section should end with a thesis statement.

You need to single out three key points identifying your thesis statement. The mentioned points will be the chief aspects of your outline.

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Present Powerful Evidence

Both cause and effect have to be supported at least with three sound arguments which, in their turn, will be the key points of your paper. Then, you need to set the reasons for the effect of your issue. Do not forget to refer to the cause presented in the introduction to show its connection with the effect.

Mind that each argument has to be backed up with a few compelling points.

Remember that it is not worth outlining many key points of your paper, as your readers may be confused. Identifying three chief ideas is an optimal option. Certainly, there may be a lot of causes and effects. However, it depends on the length of the essay. You should strive to illustrate three major points only.

Body Section

The body paragraphs of each such essay may differ from each other. It depends on the ideas one is going to outline and develop. At the same time, the body paragraphs have many similar features. Every paragraph should be of a descriptive nature. It should analyze either a cause or an effect.

Create a Conclusion

This part of your essay is the final one browsed by readers. Therefore, you need to strive to write it in a convincing way to leave readers with a strong impression. Keep in mind that a concluding section should succinctly summarize the facts provided in the body. It should also present the results of the analysis made in the essay body. Note that it is essential to produce a solid conclusion reminding readers of the main points discussed in your essay.

If you are assigned to write a cause and effect essay, remember that your task is to examine the topic thoroughly. In addition, you need to clearly present the chief idea, so that readers know what to expect from your piece of writing.

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