Stunning Critical Essay: Surprise Your Readers!

It should be admitted that the word “critical” has two meanings, both positive and negative. Thus, your critical essay may show either your positive or negative attitude to the examined issue. In order to produce a good and objective paper, you need to assess the matter under consideration. Only weighing up the pros and cons of the addressed issue, you will be able to make its detailed analysis.

Your critical essay should start with a detailed subject investigation. No matter the piece you are exploring, i.e. article, book, etc., your analysis should consist of the following components:

A Summary Presenting the Author’s Viewpoint About the Issue

It should:

An Assessment of Writer's Publication

Its functions are to:

After that, you may begin producing the first draft of your critical review. First, you need to highlight the contradictory points, if there are any. These points should be discussed in the body of your paper.

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Try to define whether there are other points of view about the discussed matter. If you have identified several positions on the issue, describe them concisely. Then, you need to express your personal opinion about the examined subject. Do not forget to clearly explain why you take such a position. Here, you should present irrefutable facts to support your statements. Afterwards, you need to briefly describe the points you have arrived at when assessing other works of the same author. This is where the concluding sections starts.

When writing an introduction, you need to explain readers why the issue you are analyzing is worth their attention. Outline the points you are going to address in your essay. When producing your first draft, you should not be afraid of making mistakes, i.e. grammar, spelling, etc. Moreover, do not panic if you are not sure whether the chosen term is suitable for describing a particular aspect of the matter. You will heck all the points of your essay when revising it. At this point, your aim is to present your thoughts in written form.

When creating your paper, keep in mind the following points:

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