Find out the Definition of a Research Paper

It does not matter what field of study you have decided to dedicate your college years to, you will still have to take the English class. It means that you will be asked to perform numerous writing tasks and complete a number of research papers. Do not get upset because excellent writing skills are needed even for Math or Science major. Therefore, you have to learn how to write research papers in order to structure all your ideas and thoughts in a logical and cohesive manner.


Remember that every research paper needs a lot of thorough research work. Moreover, writing a research paper is not just about topic explanation or facts regurgitation. Every research paper needs to present an argument or give a clear perspective. For instance, in case your research topic is the Financial Crisis of 2008, you should take a stance on it rather than just retelling the facts about the selected topic. There is no need to take for or against position regarding the selected topic. You have to provide a deep analysis of one of its stances.

Introduction Part

Every research paper should begin with the introduction. In case your paper required up to 20 pages, you need to provide a one-paragraph introduction. Here you need to provide an explanation of why you have decided to write this paper and how you are going to do it. Include the main points that you are going to analyze in the body.

Thesis Statement

Do not forget to include clear and concise thesis statement. It should be provided in the end of your introduction. The task of thesis statement is to explain to potential readers the paper topic, the position you are going to take and what means you will use to prove the taken position. Remember that thesis statement has to provide a summary of your paper in one short sentence. Sometimes, it may seem impossible to cope with such task. However, you should do your best and create an exclusive thesis statement.

Main Body

The main body plays crucial role when writing the research paper. The body supports the introduction and proves the thesis statement by providing credible citations found during the research work. In the body, you need to give ideas and back them up by scientists' opinions via direct quotes or indirect citations. The main objective of every research paper is to do the research work. That is why it is necessary to back up your opinion with the experts' opinions.

Conclusion Part

Conclusion should be provided in the end of every research paper. Avoid introducing new ideas and information in conclusion. Do not repeat the paper themes in conclusion. You have to briefly point out all the main ideas. In addition, it is recommended to restate the thesis statement in conclusion part.