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Psycology essay samples

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Business Psychology of Emotional Involvement essay

Abstract This article explores business psychology of emotional involvement according to the phrase of Capone “It's Just Business, Nothing Personal”. It describes the necessity of emotional, behavioral and cognitive involvement in ...

Cyber-Psychology: Social Processes, Identity and Online Behaviour essay

Communication is considered one of the inseparable prerequisites of the society. The interactions via cyberspace have become more popular, and the use of Internet had dramatically increased recently. All of that provoked high research interest. ...

Freud's Personality Factors essay

Abstract This article explores Freud's personality factors in particular the leader personality factors. It describes the theories within model of leader individuality; it examines the major contribution in the field of leadership, the development ...

Life Theories essay

The problem of identity is the central in psychology. The representatives of various psychological areas and schools have been trying to solve them for years. Based on the conceptual position, some scholars emphasize the biological role in the ...

Motivation essay

8. Various factors usually influence humans’ behavior. Very often, the specific reasons that motivate people’s actions are tried to be explained. There are three main motivation schools, which explore its theories and ideas. They are as ...

Personality Test by Meyer and Kurtz essay

An individual tends to create personal point of view on various situations, uncovering his or her personality, problems and psychological peculiarities. However, standard approach might appear ineffective in unique cases while examining each person ...

Psychological Perspectives essay

Brannon (2008), in her book Gender: Psychological Perspectives, in Chapter 1” The Study of Gender” examines the gender topic by presenting her ideas on the attitudes and behaviors that are related to biological sex. This book and ...

Psychology essay

Understanding what kind of parenting can effectively foster positive outcomes, including early internalization, is a perennial question. My friend’s situation is considered as an uninvolved parenting style where rejecting- neglecting parents ...

Psychology of Gender essay

 The theme of gender differences psychobiology has become an urgent question for the nowadays social and economical life due to the fact of the emancipation rapid popularisation in the world leading societies. That is why the awareness in ...

Shyness and Online Social Networking Services essay

Shy individuals are always subjected to problems related to friendship establishment. As such the shy individuals are less inclined to their counterpart peers, thus avoid interaction.  This is as a result of social anxiety experienced during ...

Social Psychology essay

Social psychology understands the way individuals behave in a social context. Baron, Bryne & Suls (1989) define social psychology as “the scientific field that seeks to understand the nature and causes of individual behavior in social ...

Stressors essay

Stressors are conditions which trigger stress, resulting in distress expressed as negative mood states. Stressful life events and traumatic experiences can impair subjective well-being. As a result of my life stress events, I had to deal with a ...

Buy custom Psycology essay

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