Expository Essay Writing

There are different reasons why students look for information related to expository essay writing. One of them is that they do not clearly understand what kind of paper it is and how it should be written. If you are one of such students, you came to the right place. We will provide detailed information on expository essay writing in the following article. It is important to explain the purpose of this essay. Expository essay is all about explaining, clarifying, describing or defining something. Literally, the main aim of this paper type is to expose something.

Interesting fact! Even if you think that expository essay is something new for you, we are sure that you have already dealt with it before. Assembly instructions, newspaper articles, different manuals are all examples of expository essays.

Presenting Facts

One of the specific features of this essay is that it deals only with facts. At the same time, this feature makes the paper easy to write, as the only thing you have to do is to gather facts related to a certain topic and present them in a proper manner. Avoid providing your own opinion or biasness in this paper. 

The other important thing to remember about this type of essay is that you should not avoid providing the facts that are general knowledge. Do not assume that your readers may know this information. Your task is to present facts, even though some of them may be generally known.

Moreover, use third person while writing your paper. However, instructions allow using second person.

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Specific Features of Expository Essay Writing

There are some specific features that should be taken into consideration when writing expository essays. First, you should concentrate on the main topic and be specific. Avoid wordiness, using unrelated data or too lengthy and boring explanations.

Think about a topic that is neither too narrow nor too general. The focus of the topic should be placed on some specific theme, which can be easily supported by the facts. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to provide necessary information and clearly outline the main points.

Do not forget about using explanations, facts, detailed descriptions, and examples to support your topic. All of the above-mentioned data should be provided in a proper manner to make your paper look logical and well organized. The following elements will be useful in the writing process:

Graphics and charts, statistics, definitions, anecdotes, quotations, comparisons, descriptive details, etc.


Generally, expository essay is formatted in a standard manner. It includes five paragraphs with introduction, conclusion and three paragraphs that form the main body of the paper. Each of these paragraphs is limited to and presents only one subtopic.

However, the format of the paper may depend on the specific instructions given by the professor. Nevertheless, make sure that your introductory part contains well-written and clear thesis statement, your conclusion provides main points of the paper and the main body of the essay is based on facts but not opinions.

Expository Essay Writing Methods

There are different methods of expository essay writing. They include:

In order not to get confused, students choose only one method. However, if you are an advanced writer and feel that you can combine a few methods in one paper, you are free to do it. The most important thing is to remain focused and use only facts related to the paper topic.

If you follow all the instruction provided above, expository essay writing will be an easy assignment to complete. One more important factor that will help you get your work done successfully is time. Always give yourself enough time to work on your paper. Moreover, do not forget that proofreading is also an essential element of the writing process. 

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