Expert Guidance on Copy Editing

In case you are a writer or an academician, you have already heard about copy editing. However, what is it; and why is everybody stating it is important? It is the process of correcting as well as revising the already written material. This material is called a copy. Copy can be written on any topic and in different forms, from essays to manuscripts or website content. A copy editor should possess the necessary skills to detect and correct mistakes in grammar, spelling, stylistic, punctuation and flow. Prior to editing, a copy editor should identify what exactly needs to be fixed in order to make the text perfectly written. Most likely, a copy editor will look for the answers on the following questions:

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What is the Main Goal of Copy Editing?

The most understandable answer to the above-mentioned question is making the writing the best one. Copy editing is the process of making sure that the text is clear, clean and of course consistent in terms of style, spelling, grammar and punctuation. The edited text should be appropriate for the target audience and convey the intended purpose. In addition, the copy editor makes sure that the text is ready to be published. However, it is important to remember that there are some things that cannot be done by the copy editor. For example, text rewriting, ghost writing, paraphrasing and conducting the research work except for the checking of facts.

In order to be sure that the copy editing is done according to writer's standards, the copy editor will need answers to the following questions:

Will the reader be impressed with the writing after he/she finishes reading it? If the answer is 'No', then the editor will need to make sure that the final thought is cleat and strong. Whether your aim is to leave the readers with a thought-provoking idea or teach a lesson, the copy editor should assist you with your conclusion an make sure that it is strong and comprehensive.

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