Persuasive Essay Writing

Reasoning is a basis of a persuasive essay. The main aim of the writer is to demonstrate that some specific viewpoint is more valid and logical that the other one. As a result, the main goal of persuasive essay is to make readers accept and support your vision of a specific problem or a situation. For this purpose, the writer should use facts and evidences to support his/her argument.

Persuasive Essay Writing Tips

First, you need to take your own stance. What side do you want to take? What is your own opinion regarding the issue under discussion? What problem solution do you offer? Moreover, you should think about your audience and about the position, they are likely to take. It is extremely important to understand both sides of the argument to present your point more successfully and be able to influence the mind of other participants.

In order to make your essay more convincing, it is necessary to make a research on your topic. In order to argue some viewpoint, you should be able to support it with facts and evidences, as well as disapprove the opposing statements. 

Do not forget that the evidences you use must be presented in a logical order to make your argument stronger.

There are different sources of information that will help you support your argument. Some of them include observations, researches or personal experience. Use nothing but facts! No one is going to believe suggestions or unreliable statements. Besides, avoid plagiarism by citing your sources properly. Be ready to back up the information you provide with reliable data. Do not hesitate to use quotes of experts in a specific field to support your position. It will make your argument more evidence-based and authoritative.

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Organize Your Essay Properly

A persuasive essay consists of three main parts: Introduction, main body and conclusion.


This part is aimed at attracting attention of the reader to the topic under discussion. Provide background of the subject and do not forget to present a clear thesis statement.

Main Body

This part of the paper consists the information called to support your position and thesis, in particular. Each paragraph should talk about a particular point. Moreover, use a paragraph or two to refute the position of opponents.


The main goal of the conclusion is to restate the thesis statement and to outline the key points of the paper. It will help you get to the point and persuade the readers in the correctness of your position.

Take a Fresh Look

If you have enough time before submitting your paper, have a one-day brake and then read your paper once more. A fresh look on the subject can make you identify those areas that need improvement. Make sure your essay is good enough to persuade the readers to take your position. Moreover, check if you use enough facts and evidences to support your point. 

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