We Know How to Write a Winning Research Report

Let us be honest! We know that most students do not like to write their research reports. This writing task seems like a waste of time for them. However, if you decide to cope with this task alone, you need to have a plan.

Guidelines for Writing a Winning Research Report

Manage Your Time

Sometimes, it may seem that all you have to do is just sit at your table and start writing your report. However, it is not always right. Secret to completing successful report begins long before you start actual writing. The very first step you need to take is to brainstorm your topic, then you can start the research work.

It is recommended dedicate certain amount of time to each step so as not to become overwhelmed. As soon as you received the task, use your calendar to properly plan the writing process and to meet the deadline.

Try to divide your working time into small tasks, print out the schedule and hang it on the wall. You are free to use your personal judgment when dividing your time since you are the only person who knows your abilities best or you can use the offered estimate to time division:

In case you have the whole month for completing your report, you are free to spend 2-3 days for topic brainstorming, 7 days for researching the necessary information and writing, and 6 full days to write and outline and make a revision,

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Create the Outline

Outline is considered to be writing guide that helps you to stay on the right track while writing your paper. Here you can include research questions, subtopics you are intended to cover in the report. Remember that it is written to help you with writing your report. Outline is not considered to be a separate writing assignment. There is a number of options to make a good outline. You need to try them to find the most comfortable way of outline writing.

As soon as you found the topic, start your research work and write a short outline, then you can begin writing. Write an introduction and include thesis statement in the end of it. Here you need to describe your report so that the reader could understand what the paper is about. Your task is to catch reader's attention from the very first sentences.

However, it is not recommended to polish all sentences at once. You can proofread your paper and improve sentence structures after you are finished with writing. Usually the introduction consists of one or three paragraphs and acts like a short paper summary.

Each Paragraph Should Be Given Its Own Meaning

Remember that each and every paragraph tells a certain story. That is why it needs to have a point and you need to explain the information provided in it. Use introductory sentences at the beginning of each paragraph. It will help the reader to understand what the paragraph is about. Then you can write information and provide examples to support the first sentence.

The End Should Be Logical

Relate your conclusion to the information provided in the main body. Do not include new information in the concluding paragraph. Summarize all your thoughts and ideas in the end of the paper.

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