Gone are the days when we thought the Earth resources were inexhaustible. Humans have never treated nature as a fragile substance. As a consequence, one of the most urgent issues we start confronting today in our globalized world is the depletion of natural resources. The overconsumption of coal, natural oil, and gas may lead to irreversible changes that will endanger the sustainable future of the next generations. But even now, the scarcity of natural resources may lead to bloody conflicts. That’s why in order to secure the survival of humanity, the world should start using alternative sources of energy that are already known or discover the new ones.

In order to bring attention to the problem of non-renewable resources, a lot of students today are being asked to explore this topic and to write powerful essays on it. If you want to write something brilliant, which will definitely catch the reader’s eye and make him think, you should choose the correct topic. The topics mentioned below will come to your aid. So choose wisely and leave an impression on your readers!

10 Renewable Energy Essay Topics in 2017

#1. Renewable Energy Sources in the India’s Future
#2. Green Energy Generating in a Chilean Desert
#3. Biogas – How to Convert Waste to Energy
#4. Future of Investment: Solar and Wind Energy or Coal and Oil? 
#5. Following U.S. steps: China Looks to Make a Fortune on Clean Energy 
#6. Tesla Influence on American Economy
#7. Effects of Climate Change in the Era of Renewable Energy
#8. Alternatives to the Unsuccessful Future of Nuclear Energy 
#9. Oil Fields: Alternative to Wasteful Methane Flaring
#10. Would Fossil Fuels Be Ever Replaced by Renewable Energy?

When you have chosen the topic of your essay, you should make sure that you know everything about writing successful papers. Consider the following tips that will enhance your writing skills:

  • You should remember that essays on such urgent topics should first of all call the reader’s attention to the importance of the issue. Make sure your essay is eye-catching.
  • When you use some facts to prove your opinion, make sure they are valid and adequate. Moreover, make references and cite your sources of information. Don’t forget that the variety of sources is also important. 
  • It would be also great to include your personal experience. That will make your essay more trustworthy and powerful. 
  • Include information and facts from different spheres of life.
  • Don’t forget that your essay should look professional in order to make impression on readers, so make sure it is grammatically correct, all the facts are proved and information is valid.
  • Refer to various sample papers online or in the library to improve your writing skills.

Don’t forget, that words have power! Your essays can have a great influence and power if you write them properly.