Privacy Policy

We are grateful to you for choosing our company. We value your interest in our services. We guarantee the highest levels of privacy and security, when it comes to your personal data. We do everything needed to zero the risks of information loss and misuse. Please, read our privacy policy. We will give you a basic understanding of how we manage your information.

In the process of working on your order, we collect information about our:

Our web server also provides us with information about your:

The types of information we gather and use cannot give us any clue about your identity. Nor can it be used against you. It is useful for us, because it helps us to adjust and improve the quality of our website content. We do not disclose or share this information with anyone.

Using Cookies

We have designed our website to use the advantage of cookies. They are extremely useful, when it comes to improving our website navigation and layout. For example, we calculate the number of website visits.

Personal Information

When you use our services, please provide us with the following data:

Please, provide your contact details at the time of your registration on our website. As we are working on your order, we may need to contact you to receive additional clarifications or explanations on your order. If you forget to upload the materials needed for your paper or do not provide a timely answer to the questions asked by the writer, we will contact you to clarify the situation. This is why we strongly advise that you provide us with accurate contact details. We will not be able to meet your quality standards, if we lack essential information about your order. Please, remember that only selected and authorized personnel will have access to your data. We will not share or sell it.

Online Transactions

We work only with financial providers with proven reputation. Your billing information will not be disclosed. Our Financial Department will contact you to verify your identity and minimize the risks of online fraud.

Clients’ Rights

Our users are free to manage and delete their personal profile. Please, let us know if you decide to change your personal information on our website.