No matter whether you are already a college student or are just going to become one, helpful apps for students would be definitely of great use for you. Study apps for students are meant to be troubleshooters because they DO help you in your studying process. There are so many good things in life that are free, and study apps aren't an exception. Of course your brain is the main helper you need, but why shouldn't you use some free software products that are meant to simplify your student life?

We've made a list of helpful apps for studies which is mainly for Apple iOS apps, although some elements have links for Web, Android, or desktop.

The Suggested List of Useful Apps for College Students

  • iTunes University

    Apple's iTunesUniversity has a lot of curriculum course material from many colleges and universities. Its content (a set of texts, videos and audios) depends on the content which is defined by the course content creator.

  • Exam Vocabulary Builder

    Exam Vocabulary Builder app is aimed to improve English vocabulary for professional advancement, graduate entrance exams, and for language proficiency. With the “spaced repetition”, this app is really helpful in retention. There are some modes that include Flashcard, Quiz and Study. Exam Vocabulary Builder app is very useful for ESL/ TOEFL students, as English is not their native language. Note: iOS only. GRE Vocabulary Builder by Magoosh is an Android alternative.

  • Coursera

    An online education site is partnering with many top universities and colleges in the United States, even Ivy League schools. There is a thought: to have success in college you should create and do more homework. An option of being productive in college is connected to your responsibility for your own knowledge of a subject. Your task is to put some extra effort and just sign up. Even more, Coursera can be used even before you enter a college, thus you'll have an opportunity to introduce yourself to subjects beforehand.

  • Dragon Dictation

    If you are sick and tired of typing up, Dragon Dictation is your problem solution! All you have to do is to start talking into it and Dragon Dictation will transform your every single word digitally. Sounds great, doesn't it? Save your poor fingers for something better, not for texting. Dragon Dictation can be used for text messages as well. Note: iOS only.


    If you have to prepare for exams, Vocabulary builder apps are good, but they unfortunately have a limited range of words. For English learning needs, you should just enter The main app is free, only encyclopedia and medical dictionary are included in-app purchase options.

  • Todoist

    If Evernote(#1) with all its note taking features is something you are a little frightened of and all you need is just a to-do-list app with Web URL bookmarking features, you should try Todoist. No doubt, that there are lots of to-do-list apps, but be sure this one is really the best!

    Todoist can be used to set reminders and your course assignments, to bookmark your favorite Web pages. It is the best study planner app! For optimum use, combine a Web browser plugin with this mobile app.

All these popular college apps are meant to help you a lot in your studying process. Try to use all best free apps for students!