There are a lot of really interesting web tools aimed at creating online assessments. Look through the suggested list below and check out the helpful web tools for creating polls and quizzes.


Choose the best online quiz maker!


It is an easy test maker. With the help of this smart student response system, teachers are empowered to use a lot of educational games and exercises via tablets and smartphones. It takes seconds to load and run quiz maker app. The games and questions are controlled by teachers on their laptops, whereas students respond with the help of their laptops/smartphones. It can be run on any web browser or as an app.

Google Forms + Flubaroo

The quizzes of Google Forms can be self-grading (you should just add the statements in the underlying spreadsheet). With You Google Forms, various types of questions can be created, data can be sent to a spreadsheet, and usernames can be collected automatically. The results aren’t difficult to graph. Besides, Google Forms already have some quizzes that you can change and use.


It is meant for students and teachers and is free. These online non-commercial resources are made in the form of quizzes for social studies, science, math, and language arts, and can be changed in both length and difficulty. As the interface is unlimited, educators are allowed to make their own tests, which may include any set of questions on any subject.

ExamTime Quizzes

Try these quizzes, which will definitely help you to get better results. Start building your quizzes and get learning. ExamTime has all those study tools that you need.


It’s free for the classes of 30 students or less. PollEverywhere is very useful in polling the class for understanding. A PowerPoint presentation or a web page can present the results; what concerns the responses – text messages, web or Twitter can be used. Among creating tools, this free online test maker for teachers belongs to the most popular ones.


This is a new free site where tests and exercises can be created and taken.

Online Quiz Creator

Make your own quiz free! You may finish this personality quiz maker download in less than five minutes.

ProProfs (Quiz Maker)

Its paid version suggests privacy settings, tracking and other useful things. The free version suggests the unlimited number of quiz takers, questions and quizzes.


Create your own quizzes, fun surveys, personality quizzes & polls right here with Quibblo online quizzes and enjoy the whole process!
You can make your own one for your blog, MySpace or Facebook!

Create a quiz that generates a unique URL on this site; it is simple!

Zoho Challenge

100 Test Papers / Month, 1 Question Bank, Open Tests (always public) are offered by its free version.