In this post, I will prove that blogging and education can definitely go together and pretty well for sure! No matter are you a student blogger or not, read on to find out the way blogging affects your academic life!

Your first thought on this matter might be what nonsense, it’s totally okay. I would be thinking the same, believe me. I do have proofs that blogging process and academic writing are similar in some way besides all their differences.

Let’s Figure What is Similar in Blogging Process and Academic Writing:

  1. You start with research

When we look closer at the similarities, the most evident thing that comes to mind is your research which you do while doing both of them: writing a blog post or academic paper. If it goes about writing an academic paper, the top place to do that is the library. If you write for the blog besides the books you can limit yourself the Internet, which simplifies your life greatly.

Even if you tend to blog about your personal experiences, it’s crucial to know the argument or topic inside out from all perspectives. You want your readers to get only reliable information, don’t you?

  1. Planning

Nothing new really, every blogger and professor won’t stop telling you that! A basic plan is the starting point of any writing process. Planning means a lot, so how to do it properly?

Do your lists, it helps! Just jot down the points you feel are worthy to be written in a numbered or bulleted list where you want on the computer or paper. Be ready to expand (sub-points) and re-order (subtitled sections) as the more you write, the more you need to do that in order to set your arguments appropriately.

Don’t feel like this method will work for you? Then you need to try a concept map. You might find writing the main ideas and find connections between them much easier. Just do what works for you. One more method you might find useful, just ask yourself basic questions: Who? What? Why? How? Where? Once you don’t have any questions left, your argumentation will be complete.

  1. Just keep writing

While you are writing, it’s almost impossible not to pause because of that temptation to recheck the last sentence. Say yourself “NO,” don’t break the flow. Keep writing no matter what, pausing brings you nothing but distraction and demotivation.

  1. Let your writing go for a while, don’t edit immediately!

No one says writing whether it’s a blog post or academic paper is a piece of cake. It’s a huge work anyway. Once you are done with your writing, don’t edit straight away. You’ve done a great job and your brain needs some rest, that’s why set your editing aside in order to check your masterpiece with a refreshed mind.

Let’s Have a Look at Some Differences:

  1. Audience - College papers have to be up to standard and sound formal, blog posts are more informal for sure. You should be aware of that difference, and as a blogger, mind your tongue, you never know who is reading your post.
  2. Limits – It goes about the number of words and the submission deadline when you write a paper for assessment. Such restrictions are also used to blogging, but here you have the choice of flexibility. But if you are a desperate blogger, you’ll train yourself for when the academic deadlines approach.
  3. Scope – Unlike academic paper which is more specific and restricted, a blog post can discuss anything and be more versatile.

How Blogging Can Boost Your Academic Writing

  1. You’ll become more curious

You’ll dive in the endless variety of topics which you’ll definitely find absolutely unknown before. You can’t even imagine how deeply your knowledge can be expanded just by searching for something as it seems so simple at first. Day by day, you’ll become more and more curious researcher which is priceless for your future academic papers.

  1. You’ll become more analytical

If you write your blog posts consistently, your brain is forced to work more analytically. It shouldn’t be mentioned how useful this skill is for academic writing.

  1. You develop your writing skills

The more you write, the better writer you become. Writing on a daily basis, you are mastering the art of writing in a professional and correct manner. You are learning to express your thoughts and arguments clearly without wasting time on triviality.

  1. You gain confidence

When you get used the blogging, you’ll feel you can’t live without writing. It would be the same ordinary thing for you as your morning cup of coffee. The interesting thing for sure is the confidence which the writing process brings to you. The writing process somehow becomes easier for you. It won’t matter for you what the topic will be because you feel you can manage any academic paper. That’s the best thing for sure.

  1. You will fall in love with writing

Besides making you more inquisitive and making your writing better, blogging gives you confidence and encourages you to write. This way academic writing doesn’t seem to be so terribly difficult. If you do enjoy blogging you are probably already in love with the art of writing in any form. Who knows, maybe you’ll do it for the rest of your life?

Should I Continue Mentioning the Advantages of Blogging in Education?

It’s quite obvious why students should blog. It’s incredibly rewarding and enjoyable activity to any aspiring university student and undergraduate. Believe me, blogging can and will put you on the right track towards your academic writing.