Many students are experiencing financial difficulties because the tuition fee is quite high. In this regard, it is very difficult to find a job while studying. More and more people are working remotely in the age of digital technology. Here are some ideas and websites that you can use to make money.


Many people know that everyone can sell almost everything on the eBay website. If you have a few unnecessary good things, you can sell them and make a profit.
Another site where you can make money on sales is BuyMyTronics. The peculiarity of this page is that people buy and sell various gadgets here. It is noteworthy that you can sell even your old, defective things here.


The Zazzle gives an opportunity to earn money for people with good artistic abilities. The company is engaged in photo printing on T-shirts, bags, cups, and other accessories. The task of the artist is to create a unique and interesting design. If someone buys a thing with your picture, you get a certain percentage of its price each time.
Many companies are looking for photo editors for remote work. This is another opportunity to work at home and improve your skills in using computer programs. Such knowledge will be useful to every modern person. You can also draw pictures or make handmade souvenirs and sell them on the Internet.


The site Craigslist is known as one of the largest projects with ads in the world. In addition to being able to sell many things here, you can also find many job offers and publish your own ad. Most often, students propose various services related to studying, such as tutoring, writing essays, performing creative projects, and others.


Writing various texts is one of the best ways to make money on the Internet. It has many advantages. You do not need to make any investments in this business; you can work without leaving home, at any convenient time. In addition, if you are a creative person, this work will be interesting and informative for you.


Try your hand at the site, which was created to write articles in the form of tips or tutorials. You should describe some process and explain how to do something in your works. In addition to the opportunity to earn money, you also can read interesting facts and pieces of advice every day.


The Elance website is the most famous portal for freelancers, people from many countries (mostly students) make posts about their services here. Potential employers also publish information about the available vacancies on this page.


Young talented writers can get a good profit on the site Associated Content. Every day there is a mass of tasks on writing texts on various subjects.


Students like to watch movies in their spare time. It turns out that this is not only a way to relax, but also an opportunity to earn money. Squidflix pays for your feedback on movies. Of course, you cannot earn a lot here; however, this work is very simple.
Every day people buy food, clothes, use various services. These things can bring not only practical benefit but also become a source of your income. You only need to describe your impressions about the product, service, or any other social phenomenon. The SharedReviews site provides work for the authors of the reviews.


Tutoring is one of the best areas of work for students. College students are intelligent and educated people, so this job suits them perfectly. Learning online is very popular nowadays, many sites offer their services, as well as work for tutors. For example, the site is one of the most famous projects in this field. Working only 5 hours a week, you can get a good income and experience in teaching.


If you are an expert in some subject, you can share your knowledge with other people on Ether and get paid for it. Each participant of the site sets the price for his or her services. You also have the opportunity to choose the appropriate time for work.


If you know how to write program codes, you need to register on the Scriptlance website and start earning good money. Thousands of customers are looking for talented professionals here. Participating in the project, you can earn from five to five thousand dollars depending on the complexity of the order.


Working at PickyDomains is simple and very creative. All that is required of you is to come up with interesting domain names. After spending just a few minutes, you can earn 25 dollars for one domain.


If you like to shoot video, you can upload it to special resources that pay money for viewing. The main thing is that it must be of good quality and show something interesting.


Buxr is a site with discounts and information on topical deals. You can not only save money by buying things here but also get income by publishing information about deals. You can combine work and study with these useful online resources. The main thing is your big desire to achieve success.