The IELTS Reading Test is definitely the most challenging part of the exams. So it is not a surprise that the question 'How can I pass IELTS Reading?' arises in your head. A lot of training and practice are required if you want to pass this part of the exam. A little mistake can be easily made, but being prepared you will minimize your chances to make it. For your better preparation, use the following tips and techniques.


IELTS Reading Tips and Techniques

Reading with purpose

In IELTS exam, you should read quickly and be able to understand the most important things you have read. Surely, some time will be needed to develop good reading skills. How does it work? Read a chapter and try to understand its main purpose and topic, then write two or three questions you want to answer. Set yourself a time limit, read and start answering the questions.

Singular and plural

That is a headache of almost every student of English. However, knowing the difference between plural and singular forms of words IS important.

Scan and skim

The IELTS reading test is a TIMED one, and time is a key point if you want to achieve success! Your main task is reading with purpose within a time limit. Read a page as quick as you can and try to get the main points. To achieve this goal, skimming through the text. You do not need to read every word for understanding the general idea of the text.


Speed reading abilities will help you greatly when you run out of time in the test. The perfect skill is to read one line in two or one seconds.

How to Get 7 in IELTS Reading:

  1. Be sure you know what is asking.
  2. If you do not know just move on.
  3. Check the time constantly.
  4. Try all questions.


  1. The answer will be TRUE if the information in the statement is the same as in the text.
  2. The answer will be FALSE if the information in the statement is opposite to the one in the text.
  3. The answer will be NOT GIVEN if there is not any information or it is not possible to know. You may be confused when an answer is not given, but do not panic. These kinds of questions just do not have enough information to give the answer as a whole.

Be sure you will pass IELTS Reading with no problems following IELTS Reading Test advice. Be ready to work hard to get prepared properly!