Have you ever thought that it is possible to start a blog in one hour or even less? Frankly speaking, by following certain step-by-step instructions, you can learn lots of necessary information with regard to the creation of your first blog. To tell the truth, we used this particular process while creating our popular blog. Now, nearly 4 million people read it. What is more, it has even been included in the New York Times.

Bear in mind that before starting a blog, you ought to take into consideration these five crucial steps:

  • choosing an appropriate blogging platform and hosting option, as well as domain name;
  • designing your blog opting for a simple theme;
  • modifying your blog so that you are able to get the look and feel you wish for;
  • selecting perfect plugins suitable for your blog;
  • writing attention-grabbing content that proves you value to the readers.

Useful Suggestions on How to Create Personal Life Story Blog

  1. Avoid spewing your hate in it an anonymous way in comment sections. Remember that this will make you seem immature and terrible.
  2. Don’t forget about honoring your fellow bloggers. It is of a great importance to re-blog, always giving credit to the source where you’ve taken this or that work of art.
  3. Keep in mind that featuring automatic music is rather annoying.
  4. Do not resort to difficult Flash animation, because the blog will become hard to read and perceive.

Best Personal Life Blogs

  • Addicted2Success

Joel Brown is the founder of this motivational blog. In fact, it consists of various blog posts, self-development podcasts, videos, interviews and interesting news. Thus, you should include it to your bookmarks because this blog is valuable.

  • Tim Ferriss

He manages to host the best blog, writing about lifestyle design. He provides innovative pieces of advice and, consequently, increases your productivity. Apart from that, Tim Ferriss teaches how to get the most out of life.


The main topics of this blog are health, beauty and fitness. Hanna Bronfman is believed to be one of the most successful fitness bloggers on the Internet, since she inspires and motivates fitness advocates. As a matter of fact, her blog contains tips and useful life hacks in the sense of fitness and diet that are similar to the ones you may find on Lifehack.

  • Greatist

Reading this blog, you can not only improve the state of your body, but also your mind. Grab an opportunity to take care of your physical and mental health. This motivational blog can give you effective recommendations on healthy eating, living, fitness, etc.

  • Cup of Jo

This notable site reveals the secrets of fashion lifestyle. Moreover, Joanna Goddard discusses such topics like beauty, travel, food, as well as stories about relationships.