In the modern times, people are closely connected with the necessity to use Internet access. It is no wonder that a person without a telephone is considered to be almost an outcast from the current progressive society. The major role here plays the significance of social media pages and their influence on the person’s life. It all started as simple entertainment and time-killing activity, and now it helps recruiters to find information about the future employee, parents to get to know what their child is doing, and surely college admission commission to get acquainted with the upcoming applicants. Some students do not consider responsible use of social media a real necessity, and even though their average grade is high, they are often rejected by a college they want to enter. The main reason for this is a progressive society that learns to use all benefits of latest technologies. Therefore, in order to understand the highest importance of your online image, here are a few valuable tips for you not to get caught by surprise during your admission period.

Taking Care of Your Profile Image Online

  1. Professional Picture

Your college social media page should reflect your main advantages and positive sides. When thinking about the first impression, it is obvious that the first thing that the admission officer will pay attention to is your profile picture. Your reckless school years are far behind, so it is high time you thought about life seriously. Change the images of all your social account networks to secure your impression from unnecessary influence.

  1. Make It Positive

In the world of social media and students, people often want to impress their peers by posting trends without considering the real meaning. Sometimes the jokes in those posts can be made on the background on racism, religious abuse, vulgar language, etc. Perhaps the last thing you want the college admission to see is how you make senseless comments to one of your friend’s picture. Here, you are strongly advised to stick to a grandmother’s rule. Never post anything that you would not show to your dear granny. Also, try to google yourself from time to time to see your image as an admission officer will see.

  1. Media Pages Connections

Not only should your accounts reflect only the latest information from your CV, but this information should be equally updated everywhere you are registered. According to the social media etiquette for students, if you have signed up for a social network, you are obliged either to care about it or simply quit. If you forget or give up any of your profiles that will be soon found by an admission officer, be prepared to get disappointed – this is the point where you must have failed your admission process.

  1. Thinking in Advance

Among the social media activities for students, you will hardly see any rude or inappropriate posts. Everything is clear, informative, and thematic. This means that before applying for a college, take your time and check whether you are following any doubtful communities or are tagged under any questionable content. Also, check whether your friends’ list does not contain any uncertain characters, especially if you are not communicating with them already.

  1. Related Activities

If you are a social student, it is recommended to share what you are into in this life. Making posts with relevant information, scientific articles that you are really fancy reading, as well as media materials that will show your hobbies and interests, is a great way to get admission officer pay attention to your profile. Be natural and honest – do not try to impose a mask of a person who is interested in anything that in reality does not evoke any feelings.

  1. Website Connection

Among the recent social media tips in 2018, it has been noticed that a lot of students actually have their own websites that represent their complete profiles. This idea is great indeed and is really beneficial when you are preparing your image for the admission process. With the help of your own URL, it will be convenient for an admission officer to find you and get acquainted with your life. Such an easy access will make an amazing impression on anybody.

  1. Blogging

Your ideas are definitely worth mentioning, and together with social media posting, they will definitely boost you in the eyes of admission officers. Show how knowledgeable you are and, if possible, make video content for your benefit. People who are looking for social media pages among college students will be definitely impressed by the proper content and qualitative material.

Therefore, you can see how Internet became an infinite source of information for all kinds of people. Try to make your chances of entering as high as possible, so be sure you stick to these social media recommendations for future students to make your accounts as appealing as possible.