If you have always dreamt about becoming a writer, but never knew how to improve your writing skills, the list of online courses can be quite helpful. On the Internet, you may find a variety of writing workshops and classes. All you have to do is to choose the one that is suitable for your individual needs. Depending on the purpose of taking this or that course, you may opt for a training with a mentor, who can share his/her experience with you, or for a set of online lectures so that you will have to study on your own. Don't be afraid that this opportunity may be unaffordable for you, since free courses online are available to everyone regardless of their income. The only required thing is a desire to learn and improve your creative writing skills.

Courses Online Free

  • Taylor's University course

    The course offered by this university is entitled Scribble. This is a unique program designed for beginners in order to help them learn basic things about writing in general. It will explain you how to develop a logical structure of your piece of writing. If you want to know how to create thesis statements and express your opinion effectively, this training is exactly what you need.

  • Short courses

    If your work makes you so busy that you cannot devote sufficient time to developing your writing skills, do not become desperate. Online courses free can easily solve your problem, since many of them are surprisingly time-efficient. One of them is The Crafty Writer course, which is comprised of only eight writing classes. If you look for some specific trainings, as for example, grant writing courses, but cannot find anything that would satisfy your needs, this one may be a good option, since it teaches how to be both creative and persuasive in your writing.

  • Describe your experience with Open University

    Write What You Know training is good for those who want to share their emotions with the audience. It can develop your abilities to make sensory appeals and evoke readers' feelings of love, sympathy, or fear, depending on the genre of your work.

  • Endless Story Ideas as a source of creativity

    This course is perfect for those authors or writers-to-be who suffer from the lack of inspiration. In contrast to other online writing classes, this training does not make an emphasis on providing writing hints and techniques. It is rather aimed at brainstorming activities and can help you come up with fresh ideas.

  • The Skillshare platform

    This last but not least option, which can be used by people who are willing to become real experts in writing. The course provides a plenty of useful videos and other materials. Even though some resources can be accessed only on a fee-paying basis, there are still many free classes, so do not hesitate to check them.

Start using these free courses today and very soon you will notice that your writing skills have improved greatly.