Five years ago, I quit my well-paid and perspective job in order to become a freelance writer. Back then, many people did not understand my choice of the new career. On the contrary, I was sure that I would be able to earn a lot with the help of my passion for writing. In addition, the fact that freelance writers, even newbies, are in constant demand gave me even more confidence.

So, if you are hesitant whether it is reasonable to start a freelance writing career in the current environment, do not be! Nowadays it is easy to get writing jobs for beginners even without sufficient experience in the field.

Freelance Writing Jobs for Newbies

First of all, it is good to know that an online writer does not necessitate extensive experience or a degree at the beginning of his/her career. The most important factor of the success is the person's desire to write. Unfortunately, if you have no writing passion, freelance writing career is not the best choice for you.

How to Start?

Although you do not need any experience to start, you may feel confused in the beginning of your writing career because of being overwhelmed with opportunities.

Usually, freelance writers find their first jobs at freelance marketplaces, content mills and online job boards. How can you decide on the best workplace for you? Unfortunately, there is no other way than to try all the opportunities and make up your personal preferences.

Indeed, there are many offers posted by clients at different freelance writing platforms. Online writers are welcomed to submit their proposals and bids. Then, the client chooses the most suitable writer and offers him/her the job. How can you persuade the client that you are the best candidate? Even if you have insufficient experience in writing, describe your desire to improve and bring profit to the client in your personal profile and be persuasive.

Being a beginner, I used these websites to start my career in freelance:

  1. Upwork - the website offers payment protection, but takes up to 10% of your earnings;
  2. Freelancer - the platform has different contests and projects available. The type of the completed assignment determines the amount of the fee.
  3. Guru - the website charges a fee based on your membership. Writer's salary depends on the completed milestones.

So, if you want to try yourself in freelance writing career, do it today!