Let’s wear our hearts on our sleeves and take the question of the insignificant things on board seriously enough. We tend to mull over such unimportant stuff and it drains our bodies, our energy, and willingness to pursue our dreams. Furthermore, it takes valuable time away so that we cannot devote it to the things that matter. This question is especially topical for adolescents and children. Some people have already outlived it, some are outliving it now, and some will definitely be faced with it in the near future. So let’s clear the air about the influence of the unnecessary things on our lives and which of the following is not an important characteristic of good mental and emotional health. Another question is which of the following is not an important component of planning ahead.

Social Media Followers

The number of your friends, subscribers, or followers on social media is of no value. Until this moment, you might have been of the opinion that these numbers are tantamount to the number of people who care about you and who are real your friends. Nonetheless, it is quite the contrary. These people waste their lives on checking the lives of others and making dull comments, for instance, “gorgeous”, “enjoy your trip”, or “love you” with a heart at the end. What is the reason for all this if these people will never come to your aid? They are a part of the beautiful life, in which there are no tears and sweat, whereas real life is full of ups and downs.

Social Media “Likes”

This one is pretty much the same as the previous one, yet the magnitude of this point needs to be highlighted once again. The number of “likes”, which you get, cannot be the measure of your popularity. It is much better to have fewer reactions yet more true friends and family members, who will help you to create your safe harbor.

Living in the Past

The expression “the good old days” is widespread. It does not matter whether you recall in your memory some bright moments, when you were as happy as the day is long, or keep regretting about the things you have made (or not). Past is already gone, you cannot change it. Matt Killingsworth conducted the research where he studied the causes of human happiness and found out that people who live at the present moment are the happiest. So why not do yourself a favor and derive joy from your life now?

Being Tied to the Internet

The hectic lifestyle induces us to keep in touch with people with the help of modern technologies. We lack face-to-face communication and cannot keep healthy relationships with people around. What is more, the excessive use of digital devices leads to insomnia and trouble sleeping, which negatively affects your mental health.

Comparing Yourself to Others

Constant comparing yourself to the others will set a trap for you. The hidden ordeal here is in the fact that if you start comparing yourself with somebody, you put yourself on the lower rank than a person is and that is how the feeling of inferiority comes over you. What you need to do is to compete with yourself, enhance your skills, and develop yourself as a professional and a person.

“Stuff” You Have

The obsession to have a better gadget or that new piece of clothes is overwhelming for teenagers. It has its roots in comparison with others and leads to dissatisfaction with the stuff you own and life you lead. To avoid depression, think critically whether you are in need of this exact new nice piece. The focal point is that we tend to buy something new and cute simply to “hide” our depression.

Being Better than Others

This does not concern healthy business competing. We should forget about striving to be better than others, as there will always be something we are not perfect at. Nonetheless, the idea to bear in mind is the true essence of life. It is not a race or fight, in which you have a couple of minutes to overcome your opponent. It is a journey, in which your ultimate goal is to make the best of yourself and set yourself out to conquer.

Fueling Anger and Resentment

The feeling of resentment runs high when your expectations do not match the reality. It will slowly bring your life to tatters if you bottle it up. The possible solution to this situation is to seek healthy way-outs and critically analyze what makes you feel these poisonous emotions. Only after that, you will be able to move further and enjoy your life.

Being Fake

Keeping up with the Joneses can result in faking your personality. If you constantly look for the approval of your friends, then later, you will come up with the idea that you are not the person you used to be, not the one you would like to be, or even the one who differs from the image you have created. With the flow of time, it will become visible for people who surround you as well. What you need to do is to pluck up your courage and to be frank and authentic.

Winning Each and Every Argument

Winning an argument will unequivocally bring you the feeling of satisfaction and self-assurance. It goes without saying that you are smarter than your opponent. Nevertheless, what is the reason for fueling rivalry or conflicts if the standpoint, which you chose, is not that vital to you? Sometimes, it is better to leave the animated discussion.

News and Gossips of Celebrities

One might argue that it is important to be engaged in the conversation with your friends, and if they discuss the latest rumors about the celebrities’ lives, it is needed to be aware of the news. Despite the fact you might not be able to participate in the conversation, you will have plenty of time to devote to reading a gripping book, taking a course, or enhancing your skills.

Concentrating on What People Think of You

Unfortunately, people always take into account the opinion of other people or of the society as a whole. The critical point is that there is only one person, whose attitude should be cherished and valued, your own one. You should be proud of yourself and set the limits that are valuable to you.

The Desire to Fit In

The cliques and groups are formed from people who share similar views. There is no reason to change your point of view or leave aside your ideas since that is what makes who you are. Be authentic and learn to firmly express your standpoint.

Leading a Hectic Lifestyle

It is a common belief that the term “busy” in the modern context is often used to describe an influential person. On the contrary, constantly being in a hustle has a detrimental effect on both physical and mental health. The term “busy” should be implemented in the situations when you are concentrated on a significant issue, when you are productive, and when you devote to something as much effort as you can. What is more, this concerns barely a short period of time and later you take your time to relax and pamper yourself.

Labeling People

In most cases, labeling people is rarely justified or helpful. Moreover, it is akin to criticizing people with the stealthy desire to show how superior you are. The possible way out is to ask yourself whether you are labeling people because you think they are better than you are in some sphere or activity. Getting to grips with the fact that each person is unique and deserves the credits for their endeavors will help you to gain confidence.

Attributing Blame to Others

There is no doubt that it is easier to blame other people than to take the responsibility. Frankly speaking, the whole approach to blaming others or yourself is wrong as far as you need to tackle the ordeal but not to find the one who put a foot wrong. Our lives are about making choices and then handling the outcomes. The “fix it” approach ought to be your choice.

Being Perplexed about What Will Happen Next

The feeling of worry has a destructive nature. Prefer to be a warrior yet not a worrier. If you plan your actions ahead, you will encounter no burdensome since the whole process will be under control.

Devoting Too Much Attention to Achievements

The life is hardly about achievements and the feeling of satisfaction you derive from it. Despite the magnitude of attaining the desired, life also brings you joy in the forms of healthy relationships with other people, in helping those in need, and slowing down from time to time.


In spite of the idea that all people are equal, some people are more equal than others. It is easy to feel a twinge of envy when you see that someone has better clothes, luxurious stuff, and latest accessories. The focal point is that we see only the tiniest part of their lives so that we cannot judge how these people got these things. Who knows, maybe behind this wrapping paper, you will find blood, tears, and sweat?

Having Fun

No one can underestimate the importance of the need to unwind and paint the town red. Nonetheless, it is not about letting your hair down on a daily basis, as this lifestyle slowly leads to depression, dissatisfaction, and emptiness. What makes our existence meaningful is the pleasure of responding to the challenges the life imposes.

Seeking the Approval

Your self-esteem greatly depends on your values and principles. If you need to get an approval of your actions from others, it means you hold the opinion that you are not good enough for your position or cannot meet the requirements. By the way, others may get annoyed by the fact that you are continually looking for an endorsement. Believe in your strengths to boost your self-esteem and enjoy the process.

Being Constantly Happy

The yen to be on cloud nine is pretty justified. Nonetheless, without hard times, you will never learn how to find pleasure in good times.


“Errare humanum est.” It is human to make mistakes. Allow yourself to have mishaps and bad days, yet concentrate on the process of improving and evolving yourself. Striving for perfection is no good, whereas striving for becoming better is your key to success.


You need to pamper yourself after the goal has been achieved and share the happiness about the accomplishment with your nearest and dearest. Nonetheless, the most mind-boggling situation that can occur is when a person continues bragging and bragging all day long. People will pay no attention to his/her words since they can consider such a person to be a blabbermouth. It is always more preferable to present your achievements to the public attention once and then to come back to the work itself.

Communicating with Toxic People

This sort of people deprives you of the pleasure you can get. It is a plausible reason to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Reaping the Rewards of Other People

The true taste of victory can be felt only if you have gone through the whole process and outlived that sweat. The commitment and your endeavors are the ingredients that spice up this course. Do not allow other people to press on you. Live your life and purchase your goals and dreams.

Being Involved in Drama

Do your best to stay aside from all the unnecessary worries and drama series the life can bring about for your peers. It does not mean that you are not allowed to help yet make sure not to get involved too emotionally.

Having a Constant Fear to Miss Something

There is no person in the world who would like to be missed out, and we are 100 percent sure that you are definitely trying not to miss any gathering. We strongly advise you to allow yourself to miss out. There will be nothing wrong in it, and you will derive even more pleasure from the time spent together.

After reading this article and giving a second thought to the problem of insignificant things that are valued among adolescents and children, which of the mentioned is not an important component of planning ahead?