The IELTS, as well as TOEFL exams, are really famous among English students all over the world. The main aim of these exams is an assessment of the level of English that applicants can prove. This especially concerns those students who want to study such educational institutions as English language universities. Thus, if you plan to study, live abroad, there is a high possibility that you may need to sit one of these exams.

TOEFL is actually deciphered as Test of English as a Foreign Language. As a matter of fact, ETS, which is a non-profit organization in the United States, develops and administers this exam. IELTS, in fact, stands for International English Language Testing System. Thus, the British Council, Cambridge ESOL together with IDP are three organizations that develop and administer IELTS.

Is TOEFL accepted for universities and colleges?

Frankly speaking, you should check this in the first place. It may be that a certain university you wish to go to accepts only IELTS. As a result, you ought to do this test.

TOEFL test consists of six questions that you will be asked and the duration of this process is approximately 20 minutes. Two of these questions will be on such familiar topics as your hometown and family. In addition, your next task will be summarizing information that a text or conversation includes and giving your opinion. There are three sections in the IELTS speaking test. It lasts 15 minutes. While having this test, you will need to communicate with a real person. The first part is talking about such topics like your home, studies and job. After that, you will get a topic and will be asked to prepare a 1-2 minutes monologue. In conclusion, you will be asked a few question with regard to the topic you talked about in the second part.

TOEFL vs IELTS which is better?

This question cannot be answered in a simple way. Taking into consideration that almost all colleges and universities accept both tests, the answer depends only on you. Consider what type of learner and test-taker you might be.

By and large, TOEFL gives you an opportunity to get ready for a particular kind of work you will be doing as soon as you enter university. However, you can take advantage of a comfortable environment that IELTS provides for students. It’s no secret that communication with a computer is not as natural as with an examiner.

TOEFL vs IELTS which is easier?

I am acquainted with several students who made up their minds to do both tests. Some of them did TOEFL as well as IELTS at the same time. To tell you the truth, almost all of them would say that IELTS is better.