New Age Believing essay

We are leaving in the world in which almost every year a new religion is born. Creation of new beliefs, traditions and gods is a common thing for people who look what to believe in. Mainly this is a way of searching for comfort, emotional support and justification of life challenges. People are accustomed to believe in something bigger and greater than them, solely to justify themselves when something goes not the right way. What a good way of choosing a behavior: just exist and some greater force decides upon your life. One of the leading religions of the world even has its own county - the Vatican. Here are created all the dogmas and ways of behavior for millions of people, which follow them without a glimpse. They just trust that they have to do what is said to them. A perfect plan of manipulation, so to say. Furthermore, in politics, religion occupies a very important position in the discussion between the counties. Major alliances are created based on the religion believes of specific countries. People are used, misled and controlled. What does this exactly mean to all of the people? Trusting into created centuries ago rules, that mainly want even apply to our modern world? Not acknowledging all the benefits of today's science developments? Ridiculous expectations for having a better and blessed life after the death, and not experiencing all the advantages that modern world gives to us. It is time when logic thinking must be put on and trust in to the new religion of the future - science.

Why would the society benefit from not having religious beliefs and trusting in to science? Let us just explore the reasons. The community in common would develop quickly and effectively if we had all over a scientifically educated public and society. One of simplest examples to be given is blood transfusion. How can it be that in our world where it is possible to safe lives just by donating blood, what millions of people do every year, somebody can not accept such a great gift of science? Jehovah Witnesses do not accept this treatment. A simple invasion in a human body could have saved thousands of lives, young boys and girls, who are simply dying in hospitals because their parents and their community do not accept it. If they simply trusted the lives of their brothers, sisters and children in to the hands of doctors, they would not have to lose them. Instead they choose believing that if their god wants to save a person he will do it. What simply occurs - is an act of a willing murder. If those people were educated and raised as individuals trusting the new investigations, their lives would not be so complicated and linked with such decisions. Some things are even out of your reach if you are born in a religious community: 'To be an open atheist in Pakistan is something you can't afford be'.

Thankfully we live today in rather peaceful times, where there is no world war with major artillery underway. Although we live in a world where a centuries' long conflict is still pending and will go on to do so. This conflict relates to the question which religion should prevail, or which is the right one and which a fake one, who are the unfaithful ones and who are true believers? History has a lot of examples of real slaughters based on those issues. Every child in the high school knows the history of arriving Crusades, the whole world is trembling because of the jihad which is cherished by the Arabs nationalities, where even a child is ready to sacrifice its life in the name of his religion. During the centuries, religions try to gain as much people as possible. Who owns the crowd has the power, as said Petronius (I century AD). Religion sets a conflict between the human mind and his expectations and hopes. When you are a believer you always just hope for the best, but you never know what to expect. This is not very optimistic and bright vision of life objectives.

Aidan Young is a sixteen year old girl, she was diagnosed cancer when she was fifteen and she manged to overcome it. This was done not with the prayers and hopes, but as she states herself: 'I found it very comforting to know with a reasonable amount of certainty that I was not being punished by some sort of divine figure for my actions. I loved knowing that it was just some sort of cell mutation when I was growing, rather than a punishment from an uncontrollable source'. She trusted her life in to the doctors' hands and the thought that not some divine and unknown creature is taking in to control the process, but a team of highly professional doctors which knew exactly what has to be done. 'It was because of the trust I had for in doctors that I was able to find comfort, and any attempt to say that only a god could heal me only left me feeling depressed'. Therefore, providing people with concrete solutions given by the science makes them feel more in control of their lives.

Statistics and research are more reliable than hope. In the example given above, we may observe how science in the hands of doctors gives emotional support to a young girl and gives her consolation. Which is exactly what most people look in the religion. Science provides us with certain, practical things, it gives answers where religion can only speculate on the options. The experiment taken for the improvement of our lives shows us exactly what is possible now and what is only a prototype. Let us consider cases of assisted suicides. People choose for themselves when they set an end of their painful life or to a disease that is killing them slowly but surely. They stop the pain, they stop the suffering of their families and often also help to save lives of people by signing the donation letter. Is this not an offer of the future where we can decide upon our last mission ourselves? Or would anyone set into a judgment a person which is dying and choose to set an end for himself sooner, to prevent his organs from being usefull for people who need them desperately to live.

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What about setting a church of science? A church where scientists would be the ones who leading people to a brighter and secure future. Let us consult statistics. As the results of Australian Census show, 'no religion is Australia's second most popular religion ( Australia. Australian Bureau of Statistics, n.p.). So are the people in one of the most comfortable, profitable and economically healthy country in the world wrong with their beliefs? The church of science would be one cherishing all people who want to make an input in to the world of research. There would no leader that would dictate all the rules. If such church would take its way in to the lives of people, they would take part in the mess in which every day they could explore a new wonder created by human. The ceremony would consist of revealing the statistics how many people were saved today by the help of science and what is new on the market, what people could expect from the near future to propose. Would not you like to go to a ceremony which states that there was discovered a quire for cancer or Alzheimer or that skin transplantation would be available for everyone? Instead of a Bible there would be an archive in which there would be collected all the new experiments and investigations on new possibilities of science and everyone could come and learn from them. The discussion will not be led about that who deserved the punishment for their since and who is a saint and deserves to be cherished. It would be about what each of them could do to help to make the world better with new achievements.

Hence, is the religion only a comfort for people who are distressed, living in poverty or experiencing some life challenges? Mainly proposing not to worry about anything in this life and just expect that in a miracle way we will get everything on the second side. Is not that only a justification for all the mistakes people have done during the centuries. Citing Bill Gates, it is not our fault if we are born poor, but it will be our fault if we die like that. However, the mistakes are that on which a real experience and achievement is built. This is the basic of science which also provides us with answers on the spot, during our lifetime. With help of science we can reach all the things that are only promised by the religion. It actually has a reflection in our life in the image of politics. A politic always promises a better life if you choose him, and then he will lead you in to a brighter future. Just analyze how often did these happen in the world history... and then choose science.

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