Work Life Balance essay

'There is little point earning a higher salary if you rarely have the time to enjoy it.'

Nowadays lots of people have noticed that their personal lives submerged by professional responsibilities. However, there is no point to be a workaholic if a person has no time to rest after hard work.

There are many those who occupy leading positions from an early age in the United Kingdom. These people devote most of their time to study and work. In other words, professional life always dominates over personal. Some people are committed to working 12 hours a day (Hinsliff). As a result, they can not spend more than several hours with their families.

Workaholics tend to depression, anxiety and personality disorder. It happens when a person is obsessed with material benefits. However, in fact, people often enjoy events and unforgettable experience rather than material wealth (James).

In modern times people work hard, take risks and spend much time at work in order to be successful. However, these people do not have enough time to see their children. They do not know what their kids like and need. The mutual connection between children and parents can be easily lost. The United States is the only country that has no a national paid parental leave policy (Thompson).

Eventually, some workaholics understood that there is little point earning a higher salary if you rarely have the time to enjoy it. Anne-Marie Slaughter became one of the few women leaders both in terms of political and social career. In February 2011, many were surprised and disappointed with her resignation. She has decided to leave the ranks of the United States administration and return to an academic career at Princeton University. (Slaughter).

To sum up, to be hard at work does not worth it if you have no time to spend earned money and enjoy life. Work-life balance of representatives from the United Kingdom and the United States and its effect on their well-being brightly demonstrates the fact.

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