Parenting and Education essay

The style which parents use to bring up children can be different. First of all, it developed according to time and society development. Secondly, the development of law system influenced human rights protection, as a result, society turned from authoritarian family to democratic one.

However, these ideas are rather theoretical and utopian. In practice, caregiving, early childhood education and relationships in the family between parents and children depend mostly on the previous parental practice between them and their parents. It means that father will behave towards his son just like his father behaved towards him. Although it is a general rule, there are some exceptions, but still this rule is the main.

Parenting styles have a huge influence on child development at any age. Authoritative parenting is characterized by warm parents' behavior towards a child. They give the child independence, let the child make his or her own decisions, but still make some limits on their actions and control them. It helps children to explore the world freely and, at the same time, to understand that every action has its own consequences, which teaches a child to be responsible for his or her own decisions. Children also get used to the limits that exist in adults' life. Punishment in childhood has its own meaning: the child is punished only if it is reasonable and fair. As for education, it is controlled by the parents but a child is able to attend any courses which he/she wants.

Authoritarian parenting is different. The demands made by parents are strict and the dialog between parents and children is short. As a result, it leads either to conflict, when a child does not want to 'obey the rules', or to being totally under control of the parents. In the childhood it can be fine, but when a child is getting older, he/she cannot make own decisions or makes it against the will of parents. In any case, the relationships in this type of family are not warm. Moreover, parents themselves choose what a child should study without paying attention to his or her wants and needs.

Indulgent parenting is opposite to the previous one. Parents have few demands/expectations but parents are still very involved with their children. Parents of this style do not require children to behave is certain kind of way. The problem is that children of such parents do not know how to control themselves, do not know what they can have and what they cannot have, do not know when to stop. They always want a life to go their way. Generally, these children are impulsive and engage in drug use.

The last parenting style is a neglectful style. It can be characterized by absence of demands from parents. Moreover, they do not know a thing about responsibility. Children in such families do what they want; there are no warm relations between parents and children as children do not know want relations actually should be. They just observe how parents behave to each other and copy it. Usually, such families are the poor ones, only one parent is present or there is an alcoholic or other addicted person involved. Children are not educated and parents do not control their studying. Moreover, children usually take part in criminal actions. Exceptions exist but rarely.

To sum up, there is a need to say that parents play a huge role in our future. Behavior inside family makes our vision of our own family in future. The best relations are those where parents control children and, at the same time, give them enough freedom. So, children are able both to develop themselves in their own way and not to make mistakes which can lead to bad consequences, parents should be both judges and friends. Only these relations will bring up child fully developed, independent and careful.

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