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Do Not Hesitate To Study Abroad

There are many students who are studying abroad. Most countries around the world send or receive students from other nations that have the intention of gaining education in a different environment, with a better approach and quality. There are questions if it is actually the excitement of traveling that makes students study abroad or just a pure search for a better education. Studying abroad debate has both negative and positive sides that may be explained through the experience and events that have been witnessed in the lifestyle of those who have a chance to study abroad. However, studying in the USA is better than studying in Kuwait because it provides a better education, better employment prospects and a better environment.

The major reason why students want to be enrolled to colleges and universities abroad is the high expectations they have for abroad universities and lack of confidence in the local universities. Such students usually specialize in certain careers such as dentists, mechanical engineers, others. Most of the careers require hands-on-the-job learning, and the students fail to find good facilities within their country; thus, they need to travel. At the same time, students from different countries can be sponsored by a government to study at one of the leading universities. Foreign universities offer excellent education due to reliable teaching resources and experienced professors. Students have an opportunity to take full advantage of education which has more resources than the local education. This will guarantee that the students are treated in a better way, and it increases their chances of job prospects. When students from different countries are sponsored by the government to undertake the joint studies or projects, they are better placed to network and exchange ideas. The platform for many students from different nations is an ideal place to provide high quality education.

Despite the reason of education, studying abroad, to some extent, can provide a different environment, which can help a student adapt to new conditions, which may help in the future life. For example, when I came to the United States the first time I did not know anything about the culture. Therefore, I tried to deal with various situations and learned about them. One can also learn from abroad as a gateway from home, especially if the relationship between the student and society is not working. Education abroad may offer students a platform to think independently about their relationship with other members of the family, relatives, and friends. At some point, a person may feel that society has been looking down on him, and, hence, seek for another form of society that will understand his needs. This exposure is particularly beneficial as a person is able to learn a couple of things from a different society setting. This is because the person will be able to observe how the new society members associate with each other and reconsider if he made a mistake in the previous society. Learning another society’s way of life is also useful as it prepares a person for the diversity of cultural groups, which may be an inevitable part of the future job. Since students are adapted to changing and learning peculiarities of a new environment, they will be in a position to withstand pressure in the job market and, hence, do well with colleagues. Good relations with the coworkers result into a better job, a better yield, and, of course, a better pay.

Despite all these considerations, a student should not forget that there are jobs that require experience of studying and living in a particular country for a couple of years. Such as, the Touristic Enterprises Company in Kuwait. There are some travel agencies which give preference to the candidates who studied or lived abroad. There are countries that became exceedingly advanced in sending students to obtain better education in order to get highly educated and skilled professionals. For example, Kuwait is trying to become a prosperous nation due to its policy of sending students abroad to gain information about more powerful technology from such nations as the US and Britain. Kuwait relied on such approaches after realizing that some technologies required their students to have hands-on-the-job training in order for students to excel. After gaining enough experience, the students returned to their motherland and developed it at an exceptionally pleasing rate. Therefore, learning abroad may add value to the nation development rate and status.

Education abroad offers both numerous benefits and drawbacks. One of the negative features is that the procedure of studying in another country consumes a lot of time and money, and it may be quite hectic. For example, the amount of money that can be used to send one student from Kuwait to the USA is very high since that is equal or exceeds the amount the student pays for a full term or semester at home. This reality raises the question of whether the amount invested in the traveling alone is justifiable considering that the pay difference between the abroad and local student is almost the same or with a slight difference favoring the abroad student. Students who invest heavily in traveling can end up losing large sums of money as they search for abroad education, which does not necessarily guarantee a job. Students should reconsider wasting their money on traveling that has no returns on investment unless a high paying job is guaranteed. Students also lose a lot of money trying to adjust to a different culture or environment. Before making any traveling reservations, students should reconsider if the amount invested in non-education entities along education is guaranteed to return.

Education in a foreign country offers students a diverse and even tough environment, and when that happens, students may try any means of survival. The means of survival may run in the scope of dealing with drugs or other forms of crime. A good example for this case is students who travel to the USA to get higher education and end up using drugs. The same is true for the students who seek abroad education and end up having problems when switching from their culture and having cultural shock. Exposure to diverse cultures may also lead to the student’s culture deterioration.

As a solution, governments should consider a policy to suit both the drawbacks and benefits of education in a foreign country. They should provide scholarships for students who want to travel and gain a better education. On the other hand, the probable policy that the government can draft is promoting abroad education within the nation without traveling, especially after considering the infrastructure, such as the Internet that makes the world a global village. This can be achieved by importing teachers and education teaching resources, so the entire student body within the nation can benefit from it.

Thus, abroad education has immense benefits and drawbacks at the same time. They can be witnessed by the number of successful students from abroad and those who end up in a failure. Much attention should be paid to the issue of education abroad as it can bring immense benefits to the nation, as in the case of Kuwait.

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