American Health Care System essay

American health care system has many issues which deserve more attention from the public sector than they get now. One of such issues is free health clinic. Medical treatment in the United States is quite costly which is why many people cannot afford it. They have a hard time finding money for their medication. Thus, it complicates people’s lives and makes them less healthy.

Such a situation makes free health clinics look like a desirable and effective way to provide Americans with high quality medical treatment. Free medical clinics would be greatly appreciated by many Americans who otherwise spend a lot of money on health care (Steinhauer, 2009). They would solve many problems, and one of them is finding money for treatment in case one does not have insurance (Alderman, 2009).

Unfortunately, this issue does not get a lot of attention. It is rarely brought up comparing to other issues. Obviously, the government fears to implement such a decision because it requires a lot of money. At first, it may be very difficult to do it with a struggling economy and lack of needed finances. People may need to pay more taxes in order to establish stable basis for such a perspective. Thus, in the beginning such solution may seem very difficult, or even impossible to do. Nevertheless, opening many free health clinics will benefit Americans greatly. That is the reason I have chosen this topic. I believe that there may be effective solutions and ways to implement this idea. Both government and society have to discuss the possibilities of free health clinics, and certain financial plan has to be created in order to make it happen.

Although nowadays there are many skeptics who find free clinics to be impossible dreams, this issue may change the entire health system. Thus, it is important to discuss it widely in the media in order to attract people’s attention to the topic. People may get involved by providing necessary support as well as encouraging government in order for it to make the ultimate decision. This issue is extremely important since it affects all of the Americans. Thus, it should be a topic considered by the entire nation.


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