American Political Parties essay

This article analyzes two of the American most important political parties: Republican Party and the Democratic Party.

The Positions of the Parties on Unemployment

The Republican Party encourages a situation where the American job market would be self-regulatory. It allows maximum economic freedom for entrepreneurs. The party insists on reducing regulations that would hinder innovative business practices in America. As a result, observers have blamed the Republicans for the near economic collapse of 2008. Its pro-business policies are, however, blamed for some of the longest unemployment period since the great depression. On the other hand, the Democrats believe that the government must help in tackling challenges which the job market faces. The party comes up with bills that are focused on creating and keeping jobs in the American market. The Democratic Party caters for the unemployed by availing funds to local and state governments in a bid to enable them to offer benefits to people in their jurisdictions.

The Positions of the Parties on the War in Afghanistan

The Democratic Party argues that the War in Afghanistan was unnecessary and avoidable. They argues that there were better means of pursuing Osama Bin Laden and his al-Qaeda network, instead of engaging billions of trillions while putting the lives of the American soldiers in danger. The Democrats argues that targeted operations have proved to be the most successful and cost-effective of all military engagements. The Republican Party argues that the War in Afghanistan was not a matter of choice. Their argument is that the American people were pushed to an edge, and that the citizens had to be reassured of their safety. They also argue that the war has had positive outcomes including the mitigation of the Al-Qaeda threat to Afghans as well as Americans, and the killing or capturing of some of the most notorious terrorists in the world.

The Positions of the Parties on Health Care

The Democratic Party is largely considered to be one that has been shaped by societal forces. In this regard, the party focuses a lot on issues that affect the ordinary American citizens. The subject of health care is among these issues. Every time that the Democrat Party is in leadership, the executive comes up with an extensive health care plan which is meant to cater for the low and middle-classes in the society. An example of such plans is the Obamacare, a plan that is aimed at protecting the patients and providing them with affordable healthcare. The Republican Party considers such a measure as being a waste of public resources. While it appreciates the fact that everyone has a right to adequate and affordable healthcare, Republicans argue that the cost of reforming the health sector cannot be met by the federal government unilaterally.

The Positions of the Parties on Immigration

The Democratic Party has always been considered to be welcoming and all-inclusive, especially where social issues are concerned. The Republican Party has had a policy of opposing reform to the immigration laws, a position that has always antagonized its relationship with the minority groups. The Republican Party assumed the conservative view on immigration due to a number of reasons. These reasons include security, safe-guarding of the American jobs, and accountability of legal immigrants. Democrats feel that the American people should extend a hand of gratitude to the people of the world by embracing immigrants of all races and cultures, and from all over the world.

The Clarity and Comprehensiveness of the Parties' Promises

The clarity of policies depends on the time and circumstances under which they are established. It has been noted that during campaign time, both parties tend to make ambiguous promises. It appears to be the case during debates, where candidates appear to be evasive and unclear while addressing some of the most significant issues in the American society. The promises made during the normal government operations are marked with a level of clarity that is not witnessed during the times of heightened political activities.

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