Spending for National Defense essay

What is the most important is current states' situation? It is their stability and immunity. There is a need both for a government and people to feel themselves secure. That is why question 'How to achieve it?' is so crucial. Surely, the best way to answer it would be to improve national defense, but is it a proper answer?

First of all there is a need to understand the meaning of national defense: it is a requirement to maintain the state and its existence using various measures: economic and political power, diplomacy, power projection etc. We cannot forget that after the World War II and till nowadays the meaning of 'national defense' is closely interconnected with military might of the state.

Development of the world made us focus also on issues which were out of our attention, i.e. energy and environmental security. Various threats forces international actors to forge about national security and defense and to focus on global cooperation to combat with mentioned threats: violent non-state actors, narcotic cartels, MNCs and also natural disasters.

Consequently, measures which can be taken to ensure safety of the state are: maintaining armed forces and economic power of the state, using of diplomacy, intelligence services, implementing civil defense and other preparedness measures, etc.

At first sight it seems that national defense of the state has only advantages as it protects the country and its citizens, and does not allow other states have any kind of influence: either physical or any other kind of it. Before the process of globalization improving national defense was he best way for protection. Realists believed that the state is the main actor on the international arena. Moreover, states are 'egoistic' as they think only about their our benefit; they are powerful enough to lead the international relations as they want. For this reason, no one could say against spending more and more on the national defense.

As it was mentioned, defense security is not only the military power of the state. Nowadays, economic situation of the countries is undermined and each impulse cn have horrible consequences on the state's economy. Applying different restrictions and overviewing of the liberal policy in the sphere of economy is going to protect national manufacturer from 'bankruptcy' and cutting down the results of his/her work.

Another threat is the violation of human rights. National non-governmental organizations are trying to convince to change the decisions of the states in the sphere of internal and external policy. When they are not listened to - they attack citizens and civilians. It appears that because of politicians' mistakes innocent people suffers. Obviously, national defense and ins' improvement can protect people. Thus, would it be easier to change the policy of the state?

Moreover, the situation is different in the reality nowadays. Based on the process of globalizations, national leaders understood that such kind of policy leads only to the policy of protectionism which had already shown is ineffectiveness. Cooperation became the key feature of each state. Moreover, cooperation exists on different level and between different states. Less developed states put developed states down; improving national defense by developed states makes developing states fear of the repeat of the history in case of invasions. Moreover, threats appeared to be less clearly aimed and have global goals which affect the interests of different states.

One more problem appeared on the horizon: international organizations and multinational corporation. Currently, we need to understand how to protect them. On the one hand, each of the companies and organizations has its own parental companies which are located in certain areas. Accordingly, the state which the parental company situated in has to protect them from threats. However, they are international and work all over the world. Is every country where the subsidiary located in has to protect them respectfully? This question also can be referred to the idea of globalization.

The essay was started with the question whether there is a need of national defense, whether there is a need to spend more money on it? Firstly, having taken into account all we need to understand whether we need it. As it has appeared, it is impossible to give one proper answer to these questions. Some people (realists) will tell that the defense security is needed, state cannot rely on the 'good neighbors', and it has to rely only on its own decisions and ideas. Cooperation has to exist for sure but only in certain spheres. Moreover, its actions are to be controlled in terms of national defense. it means that it is state's obligation to control export and import without letting markets flow.

On the other hand, free market proved its efficiency. Throughout the history authorities made so many mistakes that it even undermined global order and violated human rights each minute. Currently, different field of International Law are developing, process of interdependence between the states (globalization) becomes visible each day. We cannot possess and create suitable environment for people if countries are to hide within their borders.

So, as it has appeared, there is no clear answer whether we need to improve national defense and spend more money on it or not. Probably, the only way to win this race is to make common laws in the fields of national security.in this case, each country will have equal opportunities both for protection when there is a new and to cooperate on equal basis. Nevertheless, 'egoistic' character of the state will try to get more protection and more control as well in the nearer of farer future. Only proper cooperation, appropriate legislation and quick-taking measures can resolve the problem mutual misunderstandings and lead to a safe global environment.

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