Spiritual Truth essay

Spiritual truth is a paramount concern in the contemporary society. Arguably, individuals have come to forsake dissimilar faiths for another, as well as, changed denominations for another, in search of spiritual truth. Questionably, where are the truth and how can one get it? As such, this paper seeks to adequately present, the quest of spiritual truth as a contemporary issue.

The holy spirits links human beings in the supernatural world, as it is revealed in various forms. Thus, the Holy Spirit is paramount in the quest for truth. Tentatively, the Holy Spirit may be revealed through the bible, mindset changing after experiencing a circumstance, through dreams, vision or from effects of things. Religious faith is widespread in the world where various people from diverse background and races have. Tentatively, these individuals are attached to different supernatural forces or entities.

Undoubtedly, Christianity upholds various values as opposed to the idea of having faith in Christ. As such, it requires commitment to the higher power that is the Lord Jesus Christ, by first believing He is the son of God and that God is one. Additionally, the supernatural being encompasses other actions, behaviors, and beliefs attached to spirituality. The power of the Holy Spirit works within the heart and the mind gets renewed. Reading the scriptures and listening to sermons forms a platform of building faith. The bible records that 'faith comes by hearing and by the word of God'. This is what revelation is all about. It is a point of acknowledging the truth and the things that pursue the truth and hence believing in it. It is reaching a point of self-actualization in terms of the spirit. Some aspects of religious faith have been changing as the world society changes.

As a result, Priests are seen to engage in marital obligations, women are now preaching as opposed to the time they were not allowed on the altar. Additionally, the churches own businesses, participating in politics, unacceptable dressing modes when attending church services. On the other hand, modernity and modernity affect the spiritual notions.

Most people have an aspect of spirituality, but the question remains as the true meaning of spiritual faith; is it a feeling, an attitude, a mood or a belief? The fact is that when people converse about spirituality, there is a general fear or an inward subjection to higher force which is said to be supernatural. Being supernatural does not imply that it cannot be seen or felt, but everything can be supernatural depending on believe or the meanings people attach to it and the wonders or doings associated with it.

This implies that what a person may term as spiritual may not be spiritual to another person if he or she does not believe. On the other hand, if the meanings attached to certain forces or objects are not shared by many people, then to the other people it is not spiritual. Christian spirituality deals with the general person, that is, the body, soul, emotions, thoughts and feelings that live under the influence of the Holy Spirit. The spirit helps every person regardless of who they are, to live a life of righteousness as the Bible records 'and I will ask the father, and he will give you another Counselor to be with you forever' (John 14:16). He calls us to be holy and to do the will of God. The lord intercedes in people's daily lives, their weaknesses and dilemma. God always shows his people the way to go about various situations. All individuals share, the same spirit and are called to Jesus Christ.

There exist various spiritual forms that attempt to challenge others, as such these are a response to the Christian call to holiness .In the contemporary society, there exists feminism, lesbianism, homosexuality and illuminate modern spirituality and they have captured many people. As such, individuals inclined to these forms, believe that their beliefs are the best and that is what they are comfortable with as the 'truth'. All these other spiritualities are more or less secular and bizarre issues are linked to them for example sacrifices, undisclosed meeting places or people behave in a very strange way.

Can one live life subject to much spirituality? This will not be possible because it would be likened to serving two masters at the same time. Tentatively, as the Bible asserts there cannot be an amalgamation of darkness and light, a spirituality of ungodliness can never be paralleled with godly truth. The spiritualities have a main aim of challenging the others and that their ways are the truth and nothing else is the truth. As such, the contemporary society is subjected to these forms of ungodliness. This is happening nowadays in the world where cults are emerging.

Beliefs influence the actions and behaviors of people to a large extent. This explains why some people attend church services on Sunday while others on Saturday. A belief means trusting in what you know as the truth. It is something that comes out of the heart and it is sometimes difficult to change. Having a belief that when we pray to God he will hear and answer us is something from the heart. Of course if you don't believe God will hear when you pray then there could be no need of praying. One thing that keeps Christians going is the belief that God exists and he knows us well. Beliefs are therefore different as there are different faiths. For example, different church denominations believe in practices that are not like others. Religious observances like Easter are done differently. The Roman Catholic conducts a service that follows almost every part of the passion of Jesus. So, as the number of churches and ministries increase worldwide, who comes up with the beliefs? First, the interpretation of the scripture matters a lot. Different interpretations will obviously lead to misconception or even a better way of doing things in spreading the gospel.

Undoubtedly, it becomes difficult to understand the truth if we are not careful. Theology helps to understand the contexts and the historical truths of the bible. It becomes very important for priests, pastors, teachers of the word of God and bishops to have a basis of what they deliver to their followers and how to interpret the scriptures as well as relating the word to the daily life. It becomes misleading to new believers when a person preaches for example 'the way Jesus passed through the people, the same way he will pass through diseases'. This shows a misinterpretation of the scriptures and applying them in the wrong places. In order to remain in the faith, Christians need to be fed with spiritual food which is the word of God and good interpretation of the same leads to the spiritual truth. Spiritual truth therefore does not mean a different approach to spiritual matters but knowing the truth in the scripture and following what the Holy Spirit guides us to do in the way he shows us.

Conclusively, spiritual truth is raises concerns, and the answer to the argument pertaining faith in many religions is evidenced. The Holy Spirit is paramount in the quest for truth. Tentatively, the Holy Spirit may be revealed through the bible, mindset changing after experiencing a circumstance, through dreams, vision or from effects of things.

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