The Two Sons of Jacob essay

Israel, or the State of Israel as it called now, is the country of paradoxes. It has four absolutely different climate zones with desserts, seas and even mountains. According to the Bible, this land is blessed by God and exactly from here all stories and legends about Jesus take their roots. Still, how did the actual history of Israel begin? What periods it has? Who were the kings of this country in the ancient times? Who is Messiah and from which tribe descended? What do people know about Israel history, except all tales we have been told from childhood?

By the Old Testament, all descendants, or all sons and daughters that lately grown into mankind and were divided into Christians and Jews, came from several tribes. However, it was only Isaac, the son of Abraham, chosen by God. Later Isaac with his wife gave birth to his two sons, but exactly Jacob was chosen to become an inheritor of his treasures and God's blessing. Then Jacob with his wife gave birth to their both sons, Joseph and Benjamin, but only Joseph was chosen to be the inheritor this time. Jacob had two wives, who in whole gave him twelve sons. According to the Old Testament again, Jacob it is Israel, and twelve sons - twelve tribes of Israel. Ten tribes, it is believed, were lost. That means that the whole nation of Jews descends from just two tribes or according to the Old Testament from two sons Judah and Benjamin. However it is mentioned in some historic resources that the tribe of the other Jacob's son, Levi, survived too.

The development of tribes into the nation and the powerful empire in future has lasted for more than hundreds years. During the years, tribes were always fighting with each other as evidenced by the Old Testament, sons were jealous of Joseph's power and status and sent him to Egypt. Then came a time, when the country was divided between the children of two wives Rachel and Leah, two families. The hate among half-brothers has lasted till the period of judges. Rachel's son Benjamin had an intention to rule over other tribes, when David, Leah's son, became the king of Judah tribes and was going to unite them all. After enormous fights, Benjamin became just a rebel while David united twelve tribes. But it was just the beginning of the country's division. After David's death, his son Absalom destructed father's union and, moreover, he made people believe that he but not his father was the real and the only their king. Meanwhile, other David's son Solomon tried to fight the riot inside his father's house among the servants who rebelled. It is believed that God was the one who divided Israel into two kingdoms simply because people disobeyed him. The country was divided into The Northern Kingdom which included ten tribes and the Southern Kingdom of Judah. The first king of the Northern Kingdom became a rebelled servant mentioned above Jeroboam. Being under his reign, the state characterized as the kingdom, which hated and despised any connections with God. Jeroboam was even afraid of those who traveled to churches which were situated in Jerusalem. Moreover, the second king of the Northern Kingdom, Jehu, destroyed several places for worshiping. According to the Old Testament, God sent his prophets to this kingdom to end the reign of kings, who were faithful to idols and not him, and who made people forcefully be faithful, too.

The Southern kingdom, on the other hand, has a mix of faiths and beliefs in its history. It was reined by the dynasty of David. At the beginning, the Southern Kingdom was God-blessed place with its spiritual strength and strong beliefs. However, with the reign of Judah King and the alliance between the Southern Kingdom and Syria, this place was cursed with sins, lies and tears. From these times, marriages were held if it was useful and valuable for the country and its rulers or due to political strategies. Idolatry prospered even in the God-blessed place. The ones, who stayed still faithful to God, were waiting for Messiah, the King of the Kings. By the New Testament now, Messiah was described as the redemption for both kingdoms. Moreover, it is said that Messiah was the one from Judah tribe. He sacrificed himself for people, to save their spirits from sin. The New Testament was a sort of teaching guide for both kingdoms and their people, and no matter whether you were a Jew or a Gentile, everyone deserved to be saved.

As the conclusion, it needs to be said that later through marriages and despite the New Testament tales both kingdoms were united as the one - the State of Israel. There are no wars and conflicts inside the country nowadays, even if for some people Israel is still divided. Today's state is the same God-blessed country besides, according to the New Testament, nation is waiting for their new Messiah to come. Moreover, it is not just Jews who are waiting for their savior, but also in almost every religion it is mentioned about the judgmental day and Messiah. It is said that in the end of this world, this republic in South-West Asia will have its redemption, and it is going to be restored; all Jewish people will be gathered in their homeland - Israel.

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