Civil Marriage in Lebanon essay

The main issues within the Lebanese society, such as interpersonal relations, marriages, divorces, custodies or inheritances, are predominantly regulated by various religious groups. There are 18 sects in the country that influence the life of Lebanese people to a considerable degree. The movement for greater civil freedoms is inevitably gathering strength due to diverse reasons, among which there are the opportunities of providing the adequate policy. Furthermore, modern regulations require an entire and profound adaptation of moral rectitude and principles that correspond to the changing world, as well.

The overall support for civil marriages in the Lebanese state is caused by a substantially complex process of marriage within the country. Meanwhile, interfaith marriages cannot be performed by religious authorities, the majority opts for civil marriages as there are 18 different religious groups, and the chance of meeting the right person, but of a distinct sect, is rather high. Previously, marriages within the same sect were principally encouraged. Nevertheless, in a modern world, such cases are usually solved by converting one of the partner's to the religion of the other.

Despite the fact that civil marriages are forbidden within the state, Lebanon, however, recognizes civil ceremonies that were performed abroad. In order to legalize such marital union, it needs to be registered at the Lebanese Embassy or Consulate in the country, where this ceremony was arranged. Therefore, it resulted in the emergence of numerous specific travel packages offered by various travel agencies. Eventually, many Lebanese leave the country in order to enter into a marriage. The implementation of a new policy that allows civil marriages within Lebanon can decrease this number to a considerable extent.

The movement for civil marriages is a heated debate, which involves various spheres of the Lebanese society such as political, religious and judicial. Nonetheless, it is widely supported by young people, especially in the Internet, since it affects their lives in the first place.

Civil marriages should be treated as one of the basic rights of a human being. The approval of these matrimonial unions does not jeopardize the well-established traditions, moral standards and principles. Religious marriages will not be abolished, however civil ones allow Lebanese not to change their religion or travel abroad with a purpose of getting married. The implementation of this policy provides people with an alternative option. In the constantly changing world, society adapts to the new tendencies which requires the inviolable laws and policies to change accordingly.

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