Marketing on the Web essay

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technological theory developed to identify goods and people by use of radio waves. There are several ways of identification but the common one is by use of serial numbers. The RFID works in such a way that it has a microchip containing an antenna and a reader. The reader sends out electromagnetic waves which the tagged item receives and identifies the item.

RFID enables products to be identified from a distance unlike the barcode reader where the product has to be oriented to the reader. It ensures customer service period is improved. It helps identify products at a more detailed level where you know the manufacturer, product type, and even the temperature of product. It also ensures that an efficient inventory is maintained in a simplified manner where the products are noted from their shelves.

However, the technology has not being without challenges. Due to use of radio frequency at times the signal strength may not be strong enough for the reader to identify the product from its location. Through the use of FRID competitors may be able to determine the prices you set. Since it’s a new technology, initial installation cost is relatively high.

The FRID is mainly used in libraries where books have the tags, used in access areas where the reader identifies the staff through the smart cards, in supply chains and retail services.

Wal-mart faced a lot of challenges when it tried to implement the FRID majorly from its supplies since they saw this as an addition cost on their product. The suppliers even pushed for the implementation process to take a bit longer. The resistance is also faced by other companies trying to implement FRID.  On the contrarily, the customers were delighted with this technology since it would ease the tracking of their automobiles.

Through the use of social media, advertisement has been made easier. A larger audience is reached with minimum investment on advertisement cost. One product I chose to advertise on the social media would be the sale of latest telecommunication devices such as i-phones and tablets. My choice of product is influenced by the number of young people on the social media and their quest to use the latest products as they brag to their counter parts about the product. Through that, I believe the sales could be remarkable.

 The use of eBay sniping has brought in controversial ideas. This is because the use of eBay helps people win on unfair grounds. The eBay sniper places a second lower bid minutes to closure of a bid. This does not allow room for others to place their bids.

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