Criminal Justice System in the Country essay

Criminal justice system plays a very important role in social control, crime mitigation, delivery of sanctions and prevention of terrorism. Due to the centrality of its role, criminal justice institutions need to be empowered to perform their duties effectively. However, the country has not registered the most impressive record in delivering the desired results to the citizens.

Although criminal justice has made significant leaps over the years, a lot needs to be done in order it may be fully serve the ever rising levels of lawlessness in the country. According to May, Minnor, Ruddel and Matthews (2007), the minority populations are disproportionately arrested and incarcerated. In addition, Landsberg, Rock and Berg (2002) write that mentally ill offenders are not treated well. In addition, criminal justice has not managed to fully adopt information technology techniques that would otherwise ease delivery of justice. This research is motivated by the fact that the world systems are rapidly changing thus there is a need to restructure the criminal justice institutions, processes, approaches, management, ideology and response.

My thesis: In order to reconstruct the criminal justice system, it is important to take into consideration the minority populations, mentally ill offenders, technology, related institutions and management.

Approach to the subject of my paper: In order to get information on this subject, the research will examine historical documents outlining the evolution of the criminal justice in the country. The study will also focus on collecting information from the key personalities in the relevant institutions such as the police departments, courts and the correctional facilities. Use of data and information from these institutions is based on the fact that criminal justice is an integrated system whose reconstruction should involve all the stakeholders. The information so accumulated will be presented in two components. First, there will be a review of the existent literature. Secondly, there will be graphical representation of one the intended models or structures of the system. This would greatly help in conceptualizing the proposed restructuring design. According to Daft (2009), organizational theory can only be conceptualized if a model is constructed. Figure I shows an organizational chart that would be developed in a bid to reconstruct the criminal justice system.

Intended audience: Revamping criminal justice system requires an integrated approach. Although people should contribute to the reconstruction of the system, the study will especially target policy makers. These include the legislators, judicial officers, the executive, governors, municipalities, bureaucrats among other key decision makers in the country. In addition, stakeholders from the key action point areas will be targeted. These include the prison departments, police department, representatives of the mentally impaired persons, the technological community, and management experts as well as representatives of the minorities.

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