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Progressive Delivery

In the event any customer wants their papers delivered in part or in a progressive manner, can accommodate them. This option is an excellent idea for anyone whose paper is quite large and/or somewhat complex. Generally speaking, this service is available for papers with 20 pages or 20+ pages (double-spaced) or 10+ single-spaced pages.      

What are the Advantages of Having an Order Delivered in Part or by the Progressive Method?

How we deliver drafts*: 

Add just +15% to your order’s price 

* Our team works with customers to devise individualized plans to suit their needs and particular preferences when they want to get their papers by methods that differ from the above. The personal manager assigned to the customer will go through the options directly with the customer to develop a method of delivery that suits all parties.   

Additional Services for Papers That Are Less than 20 Pages 

Summary Papers

If desired, you may request a one-page (1 page) summary of the paper you order. This page will contain all the main points and it is recommended to any customer with reporting requirements.    

Drafts of Papers

As an additional service, 1-page drafts can also be provided to those who request them. If required, for example, we can send you drafts comprised of 300 or 600 words (in double and single-spacing respectively) once half (50%) of your deadline is reached. Therefore, when we agree a deadline of four days (4 days) with a customer, we can send them a draft at the half-way mark i.e. after 2 days of the deadline has been reached.

Extra Revision Time offers free revisions to every customer. In standard terms, these revisions are available for up to 48 hours after a paper has been delivered. However, if required, this time can be extended to 14 days to allow you more time to review our work and decide if you need revisions.