Multiple Choice Questions Test

The current article contains basic information about underrated tasks like multiple choice questions. Of course, it is not as interesting as 3D learning environment. However, this information is equally important for each and every instructor and student. Every instructor wants to reduce the number of mistakes while using the test assignments. That is why only reliable items should be used in it.

The Rules Which Help to Create Accurate Tests

As a result, you will be able to interpret your questions in a proper manner and provide clear answer options. Below we will explain terminology related to multiple choice questions.

The anatomy of multiple choice questions includes the question stem. For example, the acronym SMS represents:

  1. Social Media Service;
  2. Short Message Service;
  3. Special Monetary Service.

The correct answer is 'b' while 'a' and 'c' are considered to be distracters.

Rules on Creating Effective Multiple Choice Questions test

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