Best Essay Topics on Taxation: Make Challenging Subjects Exciting

It seems that essay topics on taxation are always extremely challenging, and no one can ever handle any of them. Nevertheless, it is a wrong approach! Nothing is impossible if you have the desire to cope with challenges and achieve the goals. Have a look at a list of outstanding topics we have prepared.

  1. The USA has no value-added tax, while Europe has it. Should the United States also introduce it? How would that influence the economics? Take two different perspectives: that of a coal plant worker and an average government worker with the job funded from taxes.
  2. Is it reasonable for the US to enable the expiration of Bush-era tax cuts? Would you recommend that for every income levels? What would be the consequences of different types of consumption in those scenarios?
  3. Would your spending be different if taxes changed in the range between 15% and 39.5%? What items would you cut out first?
  4. In 2008, the percentage of taxes paid by the wealthiest part of population (1%) was over 40% of the US federal income taxes. At the same time, only 3 % of the total amount is paid by the bottom population half. Do you consider that right?
  5. According to the new legislation in the area of health care, every American should pay for health insurance. According to some of the people, that implies taxing of all workers. Should it be a requirement for everybody?
  6. All workers get health insurance from the company that deducts the cost of health insurance from taxes. However, if health insurance is purchased by a person individually, the amount is not deducted from taxes. Do you consider that right?
  7. State taxes are different throughout the United States. New York and California have the highest ones, while there are no state taxes at all in Nevada and Florida. What is the effect of such policy on the decision of the company regarding the business location? If you were a CEO of a large technology corporation, would you consider the aspect of state taxes in different states as an important factor? Is any trade-off possible?
  8. Taxation of dividends is done twice at the current stage. First of all, there is taxation of the corporate profits. Secondly, there is taxation of individual dividend payouts. If you were a CEO, would your decision regarding the payout of dividends be influenced by the fact of changes in the dividend tax rates from 15% to 39.5%?
  9. Mandatory spending comprises more than 30 % of social security, 25 % of Medicare and 13 % of Medicaid. The programs of income security are covered by the remaining 28% along with the disability and retirement programs, federal pensions, and other programs. If you were the President and the political environment was tough, would you make the taxes higher to ensure the coverage of the mentioned programs or would you prefer cutting the costs? 

There are essay topics on taxation which arouse the interest of the students and appeal to their eagerness to know more and be more proficient at the subject. 

  1. Sales Tax vs. VAT (Value-Added Tax)
  2. Tax policy and human right issues
  3. Non-profit business: tax status
  4. System of taxes in Europe: historical background and present state
  5. Developing countries and taxes: can development be reinforced
  6. Australian taxation realities
  7. Can any government do without taxes?
  8. Is it important for the citizens to pay taxes?
  9. Are taxes of critical importance for a civilized society?
  10. Functions of taxes: report
  11. Small and big enterprises: impact of taxation
  12. Avoidance of taxes: consequences and causes
  13. The United States of America: features of tax system
  14. Community: does it need taxes?
  15. Relation between taxes and inequality in the society
  16. Alcohol and tobacco: increase in taxes
  17. South Africa and China: are audit committees different there?
  18. Taxes worksheets: understanding and analysis
  19. Distributional effects of taxation
  20. Historical background of income taxes in the 19th century
  21. Should wealthier people pay more taxes?
  22. Should the government impose higher taxes?

 Choose the best essay topics on taxation out of the list and collect sufficient information to present the evidence and analyze the questions. 

  1. Should high school education system cover taxation?
  2. What is the effect of budgeting on the management of tertiary institutions?
  3. Rights of taxpayers: main issues
  4. Canada: environment and energy taxes
  5. Canada and the USA: differences in lottery taxes and gambling taxes
  6. Peculiar features and functions of International Tax Treaties
  7. Should cigarettes and alcohol be heavily taxed?
  8. AMT (alternative minimum tax): main peculiar features
  9. Benefits of sin taxes for the society
  10. Property taxes and housing market: peculiar features
  11. Macroeconomic level of taxation
  12. If the athletes play games in other states, their income gets taxed. Is that right?
  13. Is that right that the government imposes higher indirect taxes?
  14. Countries in Africa: can economy be reinforced with changes in the taxation system
  15. Should all industries be under the same system of taxation?
  16. What is the effect of intellectual capital on the development and progress of Apple, Microsoft, and other large enterprises?
  17.  New Jersey has had a system of raising taxes since 1990. Would you head for another state if you had a problem of increased taxes?

The most interesting taxes essay topics may present certain difficulties, but they test the students’ abilities to evaluate the issues, analyze the facts, present different perspectives, and make assumptions. 

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