Definition Of Free Write


Free writing is a fast-paced training of writing skills in the form of warming-up activity that helps you overcome the hurdles slowing down the process of moving forward. They may include: self-judgment; attempt to be a perfectionist; overthinking & second-guessing; tendency to pr...

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How to Send Thank You Email after Phone Interview with Recruiter


Most of the job-seekers don't understand that in many cases they're not being hired not because they were disliked, but because hiring manager's brain is simply overloaded with tons of information. It means that they can just forget about appropriate candidates and if these candidates won't remind about themselves, they will most likely lose the...

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How to Start a Blog About Your Life


Have you ever thought that it is possible to start a blog in one hour or even less? Frankly speaking, by following certain step-by-step instructions, you can learn lots of necessary information with regard to the creation of your first blog. To tell the truth, we used this particular process while creating our popular blog. Now, nearly 4 million...

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Best Quiz Maker Software


There are a lot of really interesting web tools aimed at creating online assessments. Look through the suggested list below and check out the helpful web tools for creating polls and quizzes.   Choose the best online quiz maker! Socrative  It is an easy test maker. With th...

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