Yale vs. Harvard vs. Princeton: What other universities can give you crème de la crème education?


Harvard, Columbia, and Yale are known for their strict admission rules and as a result many enrollees are left behind. Whereas the students of these renowned universities can effortlessly launch a successful career, those who were not admitted may eventually be at an advantage as well. PaleScale report that Harvard's median annual return...

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Making Your Online Image Immaculate


In the modern times, people are closely connected with the necessity to use Internet access. It is no wonder that a person without a telephone is considered to be almost an outcast from the current progressive society. The major role here plays the significance of social media pages and their influence on the person’s life. It all started ...

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Students Pride and Style


Most students are young and active people. Many of them want to show their style and personality through clothes. Many young people use college symbols to demonstrate their pride. However, not everyone knows how to dress appropriately. In order to look good and feel confident, use these helpful tips. They will teach you how to use your clothing ...

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Definition Of Free Write


Free writing is a fast-paced training of writing skills in the form of warming-up activity that helps you overcome the hurdles slowing down the process of moving forward. They may include: self-judgment; attempt to be a perfectionist; overthinking & second-guessing; tendency to pr...

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How to Send Thank You Email after Phone Interview with Recruiter


Most of the job-seekers don't understand that in many cases they're not being hired not because they were disliked, but because hiring manager's brain is simply overloaded with tons of information. It means that they can just forget about appropriate candidates and if these candidates won't remind about themselves, they will most likely lose the...

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