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What do you imagine when someone, e.g., your tutor utters the words “research paper.” Do you think about sifting through vast piles of books and articles and hunting around frantically to find some treasure from the thoughts of other people? Whatever it is you imagine, it is almost certain your thoughts involve a range of information sources such as books, articles, works of art, libraries, people, and so on. However, there is much more involved in writing a research paper than just vast collections of various pieces of topic-related information, summing up a lot of sources, and reviewing any literature you can find for a particular field. The process entails identifying your own viewpoint or perspective with regards to a topic and then analyzing and/or arguing this view or perspective. No matter what type your research paper is, the final product should be a presentation of your thinking on the matter in hand supported by credible information and the opinions and ideas of other experts.

In reality, research papers are a type of extended essay where the writer presents their own evaluation, interpretation, and/or argument in respect of their chosen topic. When writing any type of essay, it is usual to use every piece of knowledge you have regarding the topic or subject. The process of writing a research paper involves building on your existing subject knowledge and making a concerted effort to tap into the knowledge of experts. In fact, this type of paper means undertaking a survey of a given field in an attempt to identify the best pieces of information concerning that particular field. Furthermore, such a survey may be highly-focused and well-ordered provided you understand how to go about it. But you need not worry about getting lost in an ocean of sources … because you will not!

Research papers are very important assignments in the academic process since they are a great way of developing the skills to analyze information and to think critically about a subject. These are skills that everyone is likely to find useful not just in their academic and professional careers but also in daily life. However, writing can be quite problematic for some people. The reasons for this are varied. Unlike an essay, a research paper requires a greater amount of time and effort and it has more volume. Therefore, to produce a successful research paper, the student needs to have a reasonable amount of knowledge in the field they are studying or researching. As well as all the activities and other projects and assignments a student has every day, they are not always able to give their time and attention to some tasks. This does not always mean that a lack of time is the problem, even though shortage of time does make it difficult to meet deadlines. So, how can this issue be resolved without harming your academic performance?

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