How to Create a Film Review

A film review is an opportunity for any student to share his or her opinion about some film. Most film reviews are created with the same goal - to help readers understand if they are willing to watch the movie. Apart from expressing their opinions, film review writers will also highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the movie and offer recommendations for making it better and more interesting. If you want to write a perfect film review, follow our recommendations.

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How to Create a Perfect Film Review

1. Watch the Film (You May Need to Do It Several Times)

You cannot write a perfect film review if you have not watched the movie. Begin the process by watching the film. Sometimes you may need to see it more than once to capture its meaning, identify the most important details, and create a strong argument. You will have to make notes while watching the film. You will use them to create an outline and finish the paper.

2. Share Your Thoughts and Opinions

In most cases, a film review includes an opinion section. In other words, you will have to tell your readers if you like or dislike the movie you have just watched. However, it is not enough to say that the movie is good or bad. You will need to justify your opinions. You will have to provide details and proofs to persuade your readers that the film is a great invention or a piece of waste. Do not try to create an unquestionable argument. What you need to do is sharing enough evidence, so that the reader can decide if he or she wants to watch the film. Besides, you may simply have a different taste. Your readers must understand that. Therefore, try to be objective but do not hesitate to express your subjective opinion. Your readers may agree or disagree with you.

3. Target Audience

Who are your target readers? You cannot write a great film review if you don't know whom you target. For example, if you are writing a film review for an adolescent reader, you will have to use appropriate wording and structures.

4. Develop an Outline

It is better to include a brief synopsis or outline of the movie. However, do not tell your readers how the story will end. You do not want to catch them by surprise. They should be willing to watch the movie to see the end with their own eyes.

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5. Actors

If you are writing about a movie with actors, it is better to describe their roles and the quality of their performance.

6. Structure

Consider the structure and plot of the film: was it logical or was it confusing like Hitchcock's nightmares?

7. Features of Cinematography

Do not omit cinematographic details. Consider the lighting, the cast, and the quality of production. They may impact the overall impression from the movie.

8. Music

What about music? Who composed it? Were any popular melodies used? How did they fit in the overall context and plot?

9. Read and Proofread

Now check what you have written. Even if your film review sounds great, even the slightest error will turn it into failure. If you plan to publish your film review online, you will have to check it several times to avoid misspellings.

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