Aptitude Online Test

Aptitude tests are widely used by employers when they want to measure the applicants' thinking capacity in relation to a specific job they are applying for. As such, aptitude tests are a great instrument for employers to find out which candidate is the most suitable for the job opening. Any aptitude test applied in the workplace consists of three important parameters:

  1. Conceptual/ abstract reasoning;
  2. Numerical reasoning;
  3. Spoken reasoning.

Upon taking the aptitude test, a candidate gets certification.

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Pros of Taking the Aptitude Online Test

1. Benefits for the employer:

Your current and future employers can learn important job-related information about you. For example, he/ she can get to know about your:

      • Effectiveness in solving problems;
      • Knack for learning and acquiring new skills;
      • Ability to apply strategic thinking in job-related operations/ procedures;
      • Practical skills to cope with ambiguity in the decision-making process;
      • Abilities to use your past experiences and further implement them in work-related conditions;
      • Capability to quickly integrate new information into the working process;
      • Ability to understand work instructions and requirements without any difficulties;
      • Skills at applying numbers as a tool when making effective decisions.

2. Benefits for the employer:

As a job-seeker, you can get to know what skills you already have in the career of your interest and which areas of improvement you should work on. Therefore, you can become sure about:

    • What career is the most suitable for you;
    • Which activities/ subjects/ jobs bring you satisfaction and enjoyment;
    • What style of work you have and what your strengths are;
    • Skills that make you stand out in front of your competitors and average employees;
    • Your employer's/ company's expectations from you as the potential worker;
    • Your areas of improvement.

Aptitude tests are utilized by employers to shortlist the vast number of candidates applying for job openings. With the help of these tests, they not only save their time but also get a cost-effective means that make them able to select the most suitable candidates for specific positions. What is even more important is that with the modern technological advancements, it is no longer required from the applicants to converge at a specific place for a test - the aptitude test can be written online right from your home computer.

The main purpose of aptitude tests is to evaluate your thinking performance. In particular, the results you get will be compared to those of the control group and the examiner will be able to assess your abilities accordingly. For a candidate applying for a specific position, an aptitude test is an opportunity to demonstrate professional skills and provide a good impression on the employer as it defines whether you will be invited for an interview or not.

Aptitude tests are of various types: they can be abstract, verbal, spatial, numerical, mechanical or personality tests. As a rule, they are timed, so the faster you pass the test, the bigger chances you get of being shortlisted.

Five Tips on How to Overcome Aptitude Tests

1. Just relax

Before writing an aptitude test, you might be more nervous and anxious than ever before. Actually, this is a natural body response. However, being in such state for a long time will do you no good and you will not be able to concentrate on the tasks given. Therefore, try to restore your inner balance and relax your body and mind. The aptitude test checks what skills and knowledge you already have, so there is no need to worry about something you do not have control over: you wither have those skills or not.

2. Practice makes perfect

Just to know what you are expected of, you might be recommended to take some sample practice tests that you can easily find on the Internet. Such tests will help you identify your weak spots and pay more attention to improving them.

3. Ask questions if you lack information

If you need some information relating to what kind of tests to expect, contact the HR Department of the organization you are applying for. Do not be shy or afraid to ask something. Your success depends on it - make sure you are fully informed.

4. Time yourself

As a rule, aptitude tests are limited in time, so in order not to feel over-anxious, set time limits when doing some sample tests at home. Learn how to master quick thinking and finding answers to the problems or questions in stressful situations. Keep in mind that you should not spend much time thinking about the questions you do not know answers to. Make sure you first answer those questions you know.

5. Ask for a feedback

To be aware of your areas of improvement, it is important for you to know how well you performed in the test and what mistakes you made. Concerning personality tests, there are no definite right or wrong answers but the feedback you get will signify what exactly you need to improve in your answers/ performance. The next time you will demonstrate more confidence and will perform far better.

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