Book Report Writing

Note Down Key Ideas while Reading

Most people find it helpful to keep a notepad at hand while reading a book because this way they can put down important ideas or the pages they would like to return to later. It is also useful to keep record of the key scenes or quotes. With the main ideas already written out, preparing an outline and gathering supporting evidence will be much easier.

Before you start writing a book report, create an outline. This is important because it helps avoid repetitions and present the ideas logically. Remember to divide the report into sections.

How to Write an Outline 


In the introduction, the reader should find the most significant information about the book. In most cases, this should include:

  1. The book title (italicized) and the name of the author.
  2. Time of publication. You could also mention the place of publication, if relevant.
  3. Book genre.
  4. Depending on the purpose of the report, you might want to include some other relevant facts, such as the author’s background.

Body Paragraphs

This is the most important part of the report because here you present and support your arguments. While in the introduction you only mention the key ideas, in the main body, you can go into details, explain your conclusions, and draw on examples from the reading.

If you are writing a report on fiction, you could do the following:

For non-fiction, discuss the following:


As in any other report, the last paragraph should summarize the key ideas. It should restate the information mentioned in the introduction and answer the questions you raised at the beginning of the book report. Sometimes in this section, you also have to share your personal opinion about what you have read.

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