Compare and Contrast Research Paper Writing

The aim of compare and contrast paper is to identify how some things, people, ideas are similar (compare) and what differences exist between them (contrast). This type of papers writing is quite difficult even for those students who had to deal with them during their school years. In order to write a high quality compare and contrast research paper, the writer has to master his skills constantly. Such assignment requires a writer not to simply provide information but think critically about the subject under discussion. Moreover, the writer is required to evaluate, synthesize findings, analyze and present them in a logical way.


Compare and contrast research papers are normally of two main formats:

1. The Block Format

The current format requires evaluating the First subject and then the Second subject separately and in its entirety. As a result, the writer can even come up with two papers interconnected by a transition. The following tips will help you write a paper in a block format:

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2. The Alternating Format

In this format, the writer is required to characterize one similarity or difference of each subject at a time and then go down to the next one.

The tips on writing the paper using this format include:


In order to come up with a professional compare and contrast paper, it is recommended to start writing from a little brainstorming. Think about the subject outlining basic similarities and differences and then start exploring issue more deeply by defining some specific, significant and more complex features. For example, if you compare pears and apples, you can start with describing such characteristics as their size, color, you may also state that both are edible and grow on trees. However, it does not deepen the knowledge of the reader about the fruits as these facts are well known for everyone. Professionally written compare and contrast paper helps us understand the things better by discussion them more fully and considering each of the discussed issue individually.

Questions to Answer While Writing Compare and Contrast Paper

The following questions will help you place a right focus in the process of writing:

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