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It is the common thing that thousands, if not millions, of essay papers are being given to the students of the whole world. High-earning and average grade students are not spared of such assignment as an essay paper. However, there is another fact that such paper is not the only thing that learners have to deal with every day of the school week. Other assignments also take place, like mathematic tasks, sports activities and other school things. Moreover, many family or household matters cannot be ignored. Finally, there are lots of peer activities, which make the life of students more colourful.

It is impossible to the majority of the students to write the paper, even the simple one. What is the reason for that? What is the typical problem that prevents students from writing those papers? Why do they use example and sample papers presenting it as their own creation?

The Reasons for This Are as Following

1. It takes a lot of time to write the custom paper.

The process of essay writing takes most of the time because students need to search for the references, write few drafts before the final paper is ready. Some students even have fast papers with the short-time deadlines.

The references are the base of the essay paper. There is no sense in the information presented in the paper without references. There are various forms of references such as books, newspapers, internet websites, journals, magazines, or even interviews from credible representatives.

2. The process of essay writing limits the time that could be spent on family activities, peer entertainment or other school events.

As it was already mentioned, most of the students admit that preparing the proper paper takes most of their free time. It does not allow doing any other things they can do because of that. As a result, they have to refuse doing other main things in school. They have to put the paper first instead of their families and friends. Overall, they are to place themselves to the second place of importance just because of the paper they need to write.

3. It is a big problem for most students to write the essay paper because the writing of any paper is not their talent.

Students often face this problem when they are assigned to write the paper. It is hard to say in this case that an educational system is effective giving the good educational result for the students. Certainly, essay papers can be just one of the various necessities at school, but it is one among the numerous that can make or break the students' score.

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