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Many professors give their students the task to write a personal essay paper. In this way, professors want to see student's general knowledge and skills. Students express their thoughts and feelings on different topics and share their opinions and views. These essays demonstrate writer's attitude to the topic and what he feels about that. A personal essay paper gives an opportunity to use dialogues, characterizations and other methods to show writer's point of view. Thus, the writer becomes closer to the reader because he uses simple and comprehensive phrases to express his opinion. However, the writer may use too many philosophical ideas that have mere connection with the topic of his work. The writer should remember that fact and does not let himself lose the main idea of the essay.

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Most editors agree that a custom essay paper must involve a reader from the first paragraph. If the reader is not interested in reading article, book or magazine from the very beginning, he probably will not read it till the end. According to this fact, you must capture the readers' attention by some information that would be interesting for them. Anecdote is a good beginning for the first paragraph; you may also share your personal life experience to involve readers or use a quote to begin your narration. Your initial goal is to attract readers' attention by any means and on the next stage you can start to develop your ideas and thoughts concerning the given topic.

Sometimes instructors may give a specific topic to write about, for example, you should think about a person who has changed your life. Tell about the person who has inspired you to start doing something or who made a difference in your life. In the first paragraph, you must explain why you chose this particular person; tell briefly how he has affected your life. The next three or four paragraphs are called 'the body'. They demonstrate your ideas and reasons concerning this topic. You give evidences why you chose this person or tell about a situation that has changed your life. In the body of the essay you mention everything you think is important and worth attention. These personal papers give the instructor a possibility to know you as a person but not only as a writer.

When students have such a task, they face a problem of how to write an essay. Our company has many personal essay writers who have rich experience in writing similar essays. They know how to begin the essay and what writing strategy is better to use. You may provide the writer with brief information concerning the topic and he will write a custom paper.

Our personal essay writers start a paper with an outline. They include thesis statement and main points in it and provide evidences to support the idea of the essay. When the writer finishes the outline, he starts to write a draft. On the first stage, he writes important thoughts down and does not pay attention to grammar or spelling. The writer's task is to demonstrate his thoughts and ideas; it is necessary to express opinion and views. On the next stage, the writer makes corrections in his draft concerning grammar and spelling mistakes.

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