Link Word Method essay

The article deals with the essence of the link method as the advanced memory tool, and its proper exemplification. The author of the article (the unknown one) provides sufficient theoretical background for the notion, and, consequently, confirms it with vivid samples. Besides, the article supplies the set of gradual steps in the course of using the link method in practice. Subsequently, the author makes a revision of the presented material, and afterwards summarizes the given information properly.

The structure of the article is constructive and properly determined. The traditional demonstration of the new material is used in the article. It is done as follows: theory, then exemplification, revision, and finally – an efficient summary. Such a sequence of material gives the possibility to achieve the results in its comprehension fast and efficiently.

The article is written in the manner that is easy to comprehend; there is no abundance of terms and scientific issues. Besides, the article presents the unity of theoretical and practical aspects of the issue.

Thus, the article “The link method: An image-based technique for memorizing lists” dwells upon the link method that is “the first advanced memory tool available to you once you understand the concept of substitute words + visual association”. The author does not provide too much material as well as reveals the essence of the phenomenon just to such extend as to inform the reader, but not to overload with facts and figures. Therefore, the article may be regarded as cohesive, clear, and accurate.

Though, there is one aspect to be improved: there is no reference list just as well as direct and constructive references within the text. Consequently, the article seems to lack credibility and academic level relevance.

Thus, the article may be considered constructive, distinct, and theoretically balanced with the practical aspect.


  1. The link method: An image-based technique for memorizing lists. Memory Improvement Tips. Retrieved from

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