Things to Exclude from Your Life


  Let’s wear our hearts on our sleeves and take the question of the insignificant things on board seriously enough. We tend to mull over such unimportant stuff and it drains our bodies, our energy, and willingness to pursue our dreams. Furthermore, it takes valuable time away so that we cannot devote it to the things that matt...

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10 Tried and True Tips for College Life


It goes without saying that college years are the best time in our life. Still, some decisions and actions can result in the opposite. Students always whine about their campus life, stressful coursework, worries about their general performance, and even their canteen food. Thus, we have prepared 10 handy tips for college life you should consider...

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The Best Ways to Spend Your Money at the Age of 16


Money decisions have never been too easy, doesn’t matter how old you are. Being a young blood or an accomplished businessman, you still need to be quite careful and wise when the issue concerns money. Maybe, right now you are on top and it seems like it will continue forever, but you should know how to manage your budget and mindfully dist...

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How a Student Can Pay for College


Many people associate student life with carelessness and fun. However, this time is also connected with a lot of worries and problems. Education in the college is paid and, in some cases, students and their parents have to spend a very large amount of money for tuition. Here are some tips that will teach you to save and earn money. ...

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Things to Consider before Moving Abroad with Huge Student Debt


I was told by everyone, starting from my best friends and parents and finishing with all the financial advice articles I could find, that moving abroad with six figures’ worth of student loans is a bad idea. However, I would not listen to anybody. I decided to move abroad. First, I moved to Quebec, then to the United Kingdom, and now I am ...

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